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Types of Shoes

Read the latest shoes reviews on the topic of Types of Shoes by our team of expert reviewers.

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Best Travel Shoes for Women

Best Travel Shoes for Women

Traveling whether for business or pleasure can be very exciting as well as stressful. Whether you are traveling by motor vehicle, bus or airplane you are bound to be on the road or in the air for quite a few hours in…
Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Women’s Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer has become quite a popular sport even among women. Indoor soccer players require a shoe that is a bit different to that of an outdoor soccer shoe; that can perform well on hard and slippery indoor sports floor surfaces. Good…
Boxing Shoes FEATURE

Best Boxing Shoes for Women

Generally, Boxing is considered to be a more aggressive sport that is unfeminine and more related to men. Yet, in spite of the stereotype, boxing has become more popular among women and is no longer seen as only a men’s sport. Many top models…
Cork Sandals FEATURE

Best Cork Footbed Sandals for Women

We are all well identified with the very popular “Hippie” Style Birkenstock sandal, which has become an overnight hit. One of the main characteristics of this Sandal is the CORK SOLE, which is said to be extremely comfortable and healthy for your feet,…
Yoga Shoes FEATURE

The Best Yoga Shoes to Buy

Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise, that has become very popular among millions of individuals today. Yoga is practiced for its health, physical and mental benefits, and features mainly breathing control, meditation, and specific body positions. In general yoga is practiced barefoot,…
Best Shoes Cabinet

Best Shoe Cabinet

Each and every one of us owns a variety of shoes and footwear, all for different occasions, some of us own more than others. Therefore a Good Quality, suitable and spacious Shoe Cabinet can become an integral piece of furniture in your home. Short…
Yellow Shoe High Heels Corner From Women's Shoes

Best Sandals with Elastic Straps

Summertime is finally here and that means its time to put away those chunky boots and shoes and slip into a comfortable and breezy pair of sandals. One of the best options is the sandal with elastic straps, you will not get a…
Woman driving a car

Best Driving Shoes for Women

When driving, avoiding a crash and bringing your vehicle to a quick and full stop as necessary, does not just require effective brakes, but even more so for you to be able to react swiftly and apply the right pressure to your…