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Your footwear is more than a fashion statement; it protects and comforts your feet. More often than not, you won’t have the time to research the shoes you buy, which means you run the risk of foot pain.

Here at Top Shoes Reviews, we understand the importance of wearing proper footwear and promise to deliver honest reviews that take the guesswork out of shoe shopping. will help you with finding the perfect shoes to fit every occasion. Our reviews, comparisons, and shopping advice come from a dedicated team of writers with a passion for footwear, who never link to products for the sake of advertising alone.

We stand behind the shoes we recommend and only include what we believe to be the absolute best.

No matter what style of footwear you need, we’ve got you covered, including;

  • Athletic – Walking, Running, Climbing, Hiking, Etc
  • Casual – Sneakers, Sandals, Flats and More
  • Formal – Dress, Professional, High-Heels, Stilettos
  • Medical – Shoes for People with Diabetes, Swelling, Poor Circulation, Arthritis, and Many More
  • Seniors – Comfortable Footwear for Seniors

Each review article offers more than a list of shoes, it provides essential information about the products, and what makes them the best. We break down the need-to-know facts based on the style of shoe to help you make an informed decision, so you’re always sure you made the ‘right’ choice.

At ShoesMentor Top Shoes Reviews, we value your opinion and welcome your feedback, so we ask you to rate your favorite articles and leave any feedback in our comments section. Be sure to see the ‘Additional Reading’ for tips on improving your foot health and browse our featured items for more reviews and comparisons. website is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to