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8 Best Adidas Running Shoes for Flat Feet Men and Women

If you have flat feet, running can sometimes be difficult and painful, but that isn’t the case with the right footwear. With the proper pair of running shoes, you can alleviate any discomfort and run father than before.

Opt for a stable pair of running shoes for vigorous workouts. Adidas’ wide range of footwear features dual-density boost cushioning to energize and stabilize your feet for a smooth and responsive ride. But Adidas goes beyond layers of cushioning and features lightweight arch support so you can comfortably move your heel and forefoot. This helps to alleviate arch strain—a common issue with flat feet.

List of Best Adidas Running Shoes

These Adidas Ultraboost shoes provide a snug, sock-like fit that many runners will love. In fact, this feature prevents the footwear from becoming loose or falling off while you exercise. The Primeknit upper wraps around the foot to provide a supportive fit that enhances your movement and performance. You’ll also receive the optimal energy return with these running shoes. In particular, the midsole contains 20 percent more boost than most footwear, allowing you to pick-up speed quickly. Most importantly, the Ultraboost footwear features an adaptive upper that molds to your foot to encourage natural movement, helping to prevent pronation.

1 Adidas Ultraboost 20 Running Shoe

The Ultraboost 19 is designed with flat feet in mind. For example, the dual-density boost cushioning under the arch provides energized stability for a smooth, responsive ride every time. As a result, you’re less likely to experience aches and pains caused from having flat feet. The Ultraboost 19 is also equipped with a Primeknit upper that wraps the foot in place to provide adaptive support while remaining ultra lightweight. This feature keeps your feet stable to prevent pronation. This seamless knit upper is also engineered with motion weave technology to allow a comfortable stretch while keeping your foot in place as you run.

2 Adidas Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe

These Adidas running shoes feature a rubber sole with plenty of traction, which allows you to wear them in muddy conditions and when it’s raining with limited chances of slipping. The shoe’s sock-like knit upper has non-stretch areas along the forefoot and midfoot to provide plenty of support where you need it most. This is particularly important for those with flat feet. Plus, the shoe’s low-profile energizing boost cushioning delivers a responsive ride, so you’ll never fall behind.

3 Adidas Pulseboost Hd Running Shoe

These are another of the best Adidas running shoes for flat feet. They’re incredibly lightweight, making them the perfect addition to running or everyday wear without putting pressure on your feet. The textile upper enhances the footwear’s durability, so you can wear them repeatedly. Past customers with flat feet reported that the RBN running shoes felt like walking on a cloud, because they’re so comfortable and lightweight. But perhaps most of the comfort and support stems from the cushioned midsole that absorbs impact as you walk.

4 Adidas Lite Racer RBN Running Shoes

Always stay comfortable and in control with the Lite Racer Adapt running shoes. The slight platform of 0-3 inches provides you with a slight rise from the floor, thus, preventing discomfort for those with flat feet. The shoes can tear easily if you’re prone to walking in tough terrain, so they’re mainly desirable for smooth areas and in areas with less objects to collide with. However, they’re extremely soft on the inside, which makes them ideal to wear for long periods of time. Also, the combination of soft materials and cushioning soothes aching midsoles.

5 Adidas Lite Racer Adapt Running Shoe

These running shoes are ideal for serious and experienced runners. They’re long-lasting, supportive, and comfortable. The Energyfalcon running shoes feature a free-motion design that offers the stability you need to exceed your goals. Also, the molded heel allows your Achilles tendon to move freely, though without any unnatural movements. Finally, the pillow-soft cushioning delivers incredible support and comfort with every stride while the durable outsole is resistant to wear and tear—even after you walk for miles.

6 Adidas Energy falcon Adiwear Running Shoes

Don’t let anything hold you back with the Switch Run Knit shoes. This running footwear allows you to enjoy the comfort and performance of physical activity without your flat feet hurting. In particular, the Ortholite sockliner makes these running shoes breathable and comfortable while the EVA midsole provides ample cushioning to discourage any aches and pains. The Switch Run Knit running shoes also feature a durable rubber outsole that provides an excellent grip and traction as you venture through off-road conditions.

7 Adidas Swift Run Knit Shoes

Finally, Adidas’ Cloudfoam Pure running shoes come with many incredible features that runners and those with flat feet will love. In particular, the mesh upper provides excellent breathability to prevent a build-up of sweat and moisture within the footwear. Plus, the textile lining offers hours of comfort. The shoe’s cloudfoam sockliner provides a lightweight cushioning and long term comfort to avoid pronation or throbs in flat feet.

8 Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Adidas Good for Flat Feet?

Adidas is a brand you can trust. Their extensive range of footwear allows you to choose sneakers that best suit your needs, preferences, and budget. The Ultraboost line is an ideal choice for running shoes for flat feet as they prevent pronation and offer layers of support to keep your feet stable during movements.

What Adidas Shoes are Good for Flat Feet?

There are so many Adidas shoes that we recommend for flat feet. However, our top favorite has to be the Swift Run Knit Shoes. These running sneakers have the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and performance. The Ortholite sockliner keeps them sweat and odor-free, so you can wear them for long periods of time. Plus, the EVA midsole provides all the cushioning you need to avoid aches and pains in flat feet.

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