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6 Under Armour Running Shoes for Flat Feet Men and Women

Without the correct footwear for your feet shape, you can be prone to bunions, arthritis, and more. These issues can present severe discomfort for those with flat feet—especially when you’re running. Fortunately, Under Armour has developed an array of comfortable footwear for those suffering from fallen arches that are specifically designed for vigorous workouts, including running.

We’ve discovered a selection of the best pairs of shoes for flat feet. Each of these feature at least one layer of foam midsole for extra support around your arches. This midsole is removable, allowing you to replace it with a different insert to suit your comfort levels or when it’s time to wash the midsole. Another feature that makes Under Armour unique is the premium-quality materials that make the footwear durable and supportive.

List of Best Under Armour Running Shoes

These running shoes are ideal for sessions when you need footwear that’s cushioned but flexible for flat feet. The lightweight mesh upper features complete breathability, so your feet won’t feel sweaty after long runs. In fact, the materials are the highlight of these sneakers. For example, the durable leather on the midfoot ensures your feet remain stable during movement, which helps to prevent any pronation. Also, the Charged Cushioning midsole compresses and molds to your feet for the ultimate comfort and support.

1 Under Armour Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

These trainers are engineered with a mesh upper that’s extremely lightweight and ensures that the footwear is breathable. Although, the main feature of these shoes is the strategic support that prevents aches and pains for those with flat feet. Furthermore, you’ll also receive an external heel counter for more support that keeps the back of your foot locked into place. This is particularly useful if you’ll wear these sneakers for running. You can conveniently wear these shoes on hard pavements without your midsoles hurting. This is primarily thanks to the solid-rubber outsole that covers high-impact zones for optimum durability.

2 Under Armour Charged Rogue Running Shoe

These running shoes are slightly taller than the others we’ve reviewed so far. The ¾ length bootie design benefits those with flat feet by hugging the midfoot and forefoot, providing a more secure, plush fit. The shoes’s dual-layer Charged Cushioning midsole combined with minimal outsole rubber provides superior comfort and hugs the midsoles. This footwear is also lightweight, which makes them ideal for running and prevents any pressure on the feet.

3 Under Armour Charged Impulse Running Shoe

These are the best trainers on the list for wearing in wet conditions and on tough terrain. Specifically, they’re designed with an aggressive outsole traction pattern with slightly raised rubber knobs for added grip to prevent any slips and falls. This also allows you to run with presence, preventing your feet from having to arch to remain careful on rough grounds. The cushioned EVA midsole supports flat feet and delivers a lightweight and responsive ride so you can run at your best and fastest. Finally, the full-length EVA sockliner provides further comfort and offers a customized fit to suit your feet.

4 Under Armour Surge 2 Running Shoe

Finally, these sneakers feature a super-breathable fabric that absorbs sweat and regulates body temperature, so you feel cooler and drier during activities. They’re also lightweight and highly flexible, helping to form a customized fit to your feet. The dual-layer Charged Cushioning midsole is firm to support those with flat feet. This particular feature runs from the midsole to the forefoot for support in areas where you need it most. These sneakers are also ideal for heavy-wear areas as the sole is durable and can handle tough terrain and hard surfaces.

5 Under Armour Charged Escape 3 Running Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Under Armour Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

There are many reasons why Under Armour’s selection of best running shoes for flat feet would benefit from. First, the low arch provides ample support to avoid any pronation and reduces stress on the feet. Many of their running shoes are cushioned around the midsole and forefoot, which is ideal for avoiding discomfort in flat feet.

Which Under Armour Shoe is Best for Flat Feet?

If we had to rank only one of the above shoes as the winner, it’d be the Charged Bandit 3 shoe. This footwear provides plenty of support and comfort in the form of cushioning. They’re also lightweight, which helps you to run at your top speeds and avoid adding further stress to your feet.

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