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Best Shoes for Burning Feet

Irritated and burning feet can be quite uncomfortable and even more so if your shoes do not provide the comfort and protection that they need to for this issue.

Why Do My feet Burn?

A burning sensation in your feet may be the cause of nerve damage in your feet and legs or a condition called Neuropathy which affects your peripheral nerves.

Though there are many other medical conditions that can lead to painful burning sensations in your feet, Diabetes and Neuropathy are your main culprits, hence Diabetes, as this condition usually leads to Neuropathy.

So let us look at a few of the Causes of a Burning sensation in your feet;

  • Medical Conditions – As I have already mentioned medical conditions such as Diabetes and Neuropathy which cause nerve damage may be your most likely cause of a burning, tingling or numb sensation in your feet. Athletes foot can likewise cause a burning sensation and is a less severe condition of the feet.

  • Hot Socks – Your socks may however be the culprit. Cotton is your socks is a natural fiber but it can hold sweat and cause your feet to become hot and burning. You may also be allergic or sensitive to other materials and dyes used in your socks.

  • Hot Shoes and Insoles – If your feet become hot and burning during a walking, exercise or running session it may be because of your shoes and how you wear them. Shoes that are too tight or laced up too tightly can constrict blood flow in your feet as well as prevent any air flow for ventilation. Likewise, shoes that are too loose can cause friction and chafing which may irritate the feet and cause them to burn. Fatigue from being active on your feet all day can cause burning if you do not have proper cushioning and support in your shoes. Insoles can also be a culprit if they do not provide any cushioning and are not breathable.

  • Allergies – there is a strong likelihood that you may be allergic to the materials, glues, dyes or other substances used in the manufacturing of your shoes, orthotic devices or even socks, so try to change up your shoes and socks to see if that may be the issue.

Self Care for Burning Feet

You can easily treat the symptoms of burning feet, however, you will need to address the underlying cause in order to find more effective treatment and to prevent the symptoms in the future.

  • Soak – A warm or cold foot soak in a bath salt or remedy that soothes your feet can help to alleviate the burning sensation.

  • Shoe Change – Change your shoes regularly especially if they become hot and sweaty and allow your feet to breathe in a pair of leisure shoes at the end of the day. Also immediately change out of running shoes and socks or after exercise.

  • Protect your Feet – Use foot powder, lubrication, or the right socks to protect your feet from chafing and blisters.

  • Footwear – Opt for shoes that fit well, are breathable in the uppers and insole, and offer good cushioning to fight foot fatigue.

Features of a Good Shoe for Burning Feet

  • Flexible soft uppers that will not chafe or cuase any irritation.
  • Breathability and cooling design in the insole and uppers that allow for thorough ventilation and air to pass through the shoe.
  • Extra depth and more room in the toe area for less friction and better ventilation.
  • Air cooled system and footbed.
  • Cushioning to prevent foot fatigue and to absorb shock on impact.
  • Slip resistant rubber outsole to keep you on your feet.
  • A good fit that is not too tight or loose, a lace up or strap closure is ideal for a customizable and adaptable fit.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Burning Feet

Here are our top picks in shoes for Burning Feet;

The Go walk Evolution from Skechers has a highly breathable and irritation free design that will offer relief from conditions such as Neuropathy and burning feet.

Top Features:

  • Highly breathable and lightweight mesh uppers with synthetic overlays for structural stability and cooling technology.
  • Ultra Go Cushioning for high rebound shock absorbency and comfort
  • An Air cooled Goga Mat insole to keep your feet cool and comfortable.
  • Very lightweight and breathable.
  • A durable and shock absorbing rubber outsole.
  • Easy slip on and off design available in some color variations.

1 Walking Shoes for Burning Feet

There is nothing more comfortable than a pair of airy and cushioned flip flops for hot and burning feet.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable and soft leather uppers with an adjustable strap on the Ryder and a Fixed strap on the Tide 2.
  • Foam lined uppers for less irritation.
  • Comfortable and supportive Orthaheel technology.
  • A Tri-Planar Motion control footbed and deeper heel cups for stability and prevention of excessive pronation.
  • Medium density shock absorbing EVA midsole and a durable rubber outsole.

2 Orthopedic Flip Flops for Burning Feet

A comfortable and supportive walking shoe with a design to provide relief from burning and painful feet.

Top Features:

  • Breathable and protective synthetic uppers with perforation holes for cooling and ventilation.
  • A shock absorbing EVA midsole and durable rubber outsole.
  • Nylon linings to wick away moisture and keep your feet dry.
  • A comfortably cushioned footbed and padded collar and tongue.

3 Strap on Shoes for Burning Feet

These are the perfect walking shoes if you have tingling, numb or a burning sensation in your feet.

Top Features:

  • Soft, flexible and breathable synthetic uppers made from lightweight and ventilating materials to keep your feet cool and free from irritation.
  • Smooth and seam free interior linings and a comfortable Air Cooled Goga Mat insole.
  • Lightweight and responsive <strong.5Gen cushioning in the footbed.
  • A shock absorbing and durable high traction rubber outsole.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Burning Feet

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Skechers Go Walk - Walking Shoes for Burning Feet
Evolution Ultra Enhance
Evolution Ultra Enhance
Skechers Go Walk 90
2 Vionic - Orthopedic Flip Flops for Burning Feet
Tide 2
Vionic 90
3 Propet - Strap on Shoes for Burning Feet
Life Walker
Tour Walker
Propet 90

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