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Best Shoes for a Drop Foot

When you have aFoot Drop the most difficult part is finding the right shoe, that is not too heavy to wear your feet down, yet not too lightweight as to be unsupportive.

A Good Shoe for a Foot Drop needs to be Lightweight, Support and able to Hold your feet firmly in place.

What Exactly is a Foot Drop

A Foot Drop, or as it is also called, Drop foot is a general term used when you have difficulty in lifting the front part of your feet.
When you have a Foot drop your toes and front part of your feet will drag on the ground when you walk or run.

A Foot Drop at ist best is not actually a disease, but rather a sigh=n that there may be an underlying Nuerological, Muscular or Anatomical issue.

Overall a Foot Drop may only be temporary and in other cases permanent if you are unlucky. In all cases, you will need supportive footwear and in some maybe a foot and ankle brace to hold your feet in a normal position.
Symptoms of a Foot Drop may Include;

  • Your front foot drags on the floor when you walk.
  • You find it difficult to climbs stairs.
  • You are unable to lift the front part of your feet.
  • Your ankles and legs feel tight and painful.
  • The skin on the top of your feet feel numb and your toes may feel numb.

Some Cause Could Be;

  • Nerve Injury – One of the most common causes of a foot drop is if there is compression to the nerve in your legs that control your muscles involved with lifting your feet, you’re (peroneal nerve). A pinched nerve in your spine could also be the culprit in this case.
  • Muscle and Nerve Disorders 0 there are variou8s form s of muscle dystrophy and weakness that can contribute to a foot drop, along with compressed nerves. One condition that may be a cause is called Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and then there is also Polio.
  • Brain and Spinal Cord Disorders – Any disorder that affects your brain or spinal cord, including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis and even a stroke may, in turn, be the cause of a drop Foot or Foot Drop.

Making Your House Hazard Free

One of the main issues from having a Foot drop is that your Tripping and Falling risks are greatly increased. Therefore I would highly recommend the following safety precautions and hazard prevention in your home;

  • Make sure to keep all floor surfaces and walkways completely clean of clutter and objects lying around.
  • Avoid using throw rugs and mats that can slip or cause a tripping hazard.

  • Make sure to keep all electrical cord out of the way.

  • Ensure that you have ample lighting in all walkways and stairways particularly.
  • You can place fluorescent tape ta the top and bottom stairs of your stairway.
  • Be extremely careful when climbing a stair or lifting your feet.
  • Always keep walkways clear, and furniture well out of the way where you walk.

Features of a Good Shoe for A Foot Drop

When you have a Foot Drop your physician may recommend an Ankle-Foot-Orthosis (AFO) device such as an elevated foot drop brace, which you can wear with your shoes. In many cases, you will need a shoe that accommodates this device.

In general, when it comes to a foot drop, it is good to have an extra depth and toe room in your shoes, or a removable insole to allow you to use prescribed orthotics.
Although a shoe that fits comfortably for you personally is the best bet. Overall I would suggest extra depth, cushioning, and a firm hold or stability features, which seem to be the most important features in a good shoe for a Foot Drop.

  • Arch support for your arch type.
  • Extra depth and toe room.
  • Cushioning and support for comfort and shock absorbency.
  • Stability and motion control technology.
  • A firm heel counter.
  • Bretahability and a comfortable fit.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for A Foot Drop

These are some generally good shoe options for a Foot Drop;

The Ecco Damara and Cruise Sport sandal has the ideal fit and shape for a Foot Drop and to accommodate orthotics and AFO devices.

Top Features:

  • Sot and supple leather uppers straps with a luxurious natural texture.
  • The Criss-Cross Vamp styling ensures a highly supportive and stabilizing fit.
  • A cushioned EVA footbed, for plush comfort with a moisture-wicking microfiber lining.
  • The Direct Inju=ected PUY single density outsole is very lightweight and flexible.features the FLUIDFORM Technology, that makes these shoes very hard wearing and extremely easy to walk in.
  • The microfiber lining gives a soft and smooth feel against the skin.
  • There are some color variations available.

1 Criss Cross Foot Drop Sandal

This is a stylish and comfortable slip-on loafer from Hush Puppies. Hush Puppies is a brand that offers shoes of superior quality with orthopedic comfort and support features.

Top Features:

  • Genuine soft and supple leather uppers that are highly durable and excellent quality.
  • There are a double-stitched apron toe and elastic insets for a snug fit and easy entry.
  • This shoe features HP02 Flex Technology, for flexibility and a secure and firm fit.
  • A solid and comfortable sole that is highly durable.
  • The toe has a roomy design, and you can use your own orthotics.
  • Available in a few neutral color options for your perusal.

2 Foot Drop Slip On Loafer


Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies womens Heaven Loafer, Black, 9 Wide US
1,113 Reviews

The Avia Avi-Verge Sneaker offers a superb fit and the most comfortable cushioning technology, along with lightweight construction and flexibility, ideal for a drop foot.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic and breathable uppers construction with a customizable lace-up system.
  • There are ample toe room and depth inside the shoe for your own orthotics.
  • A plush memory foam sock liner for comfort and cushioned EVA midsole for shock absorbency.
  • The thick and durable rubber outsole provides excellent slip resistance.
  • Also avaible in wider width options.

3 Foot Drop Sneaker


Avia Avi-Verge

Avia Verge Womens Sneakers - Tennis, Court, Cross Training, or Pickleball Shoes for Women, 8.5 Wide, White with Light Pink
5,087 Reviews

Besides the slip-on design of this shoe which is a must for a Foot Drop, I also love the fact that has an extra depth design, and removable insert to allow you space for your won orthotic devices.

Top Features:

  • A comfort Gel insole, that is removable allowing you the use of your won orthotics.
  • A comfortable Orthality footbed that provides extremely lightweight cushioning and shock absorbency.
  • Extra depth and non-binding design.
  • Seam-free with a soft lining to prevent moisture build-up and irritation.
  • A durable and high traction outsole.
  • Classy a sophisticated looking shoe, stylish enough to wear for any occasion.

4 Foot Drop Orthopedic Shoes

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is full of characteristics and features which are sought after for a Drop Foot.

Top Features:

  • Let’s start off with the shock-absorbing and high gripping rubber outsole.
  • The new GTS 19 has a more streamlined construction and better supportive cushioning that s more responsive and reliable.
  • Offer excellent Stability and Overpronation support.
  • High energizing cushioning capabilities.
  • The 3D fit uppers, offer a streamlined structure and a comfortable fit, with the addition of Guide Rails to protect your knees and ankles.
  • The tongue and collar are plush and padded for more comfort.

5 Sneakers for a Foot Drop

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for A Foot Drop

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 ECCO - Criss Cross Foot Drop Sandal
Cruise Sport
2 Hush Puppies - Foot Drop Slip On Loafer
Hush Puppies 90
3 Avia - Foot Drop Sneaker
Avia 90
4 Orthofeet - Foot Drop Orthopedic Shoes
Orthofeet 90
5 Brooks Adrenaline - Sneakers for a Foot Drop
GTS 19
GTS 19
Brooks Adrenaline 90

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