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Trail Running Shoes

9 New Balance Running Shoes for Flat Feet Men and Women

New Balance is at the top of the league for running shoes and you can trust this brand to look after your feet during the most vigorous workouts. Since the brand’s origins in 1906, they’ve come a long way from selling arch supports for shoes to designing footwear specifically for flat feet.

Most significantly, New Balance has developed some of the best running shoes we’ve seen across all brands. The 990, which was introduced in 1982, became a groundbreaking shoe for New Balance and features EVA foam—a cushioned midsole with a polyurethane shell—that later became a top feature of New Balance running shoes. Since then, this foam has continued to present itself in many of their footwear, as it results in a springy, highly-durable shoe that you’ll love for running.

List of The Best New Balance Running Shoes

These running shoes feature a lightweight injection-molded EVA foam midsole to provide plenty of support while keeping the footwear lightweight. Also, the New Balance Comfort Insert offers additional cushioning, which is beneficial for those with flat feet. In addition, the footwear’s lightweight design enables you to endure long, tough training sessions or complete busy errands. Either way, they’ll provide you with all-day comfort. Finally, the shoe’s slight platform prevents your feet from aching after a long day of wearing them.

1 New Balance 520 V5 Running Shoe

Step up your footwear game with the Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoes. These are ideal for wearing for vigorous runs or for enjoying long strolls with friends. Also, the Ndurance rubber outsole technology provides excellent durability in high-wear areas, so you can get more out of the shoes. Another top feature of these running shoes is the fresh foam midsole. This technology provides plenty of support and cushioning, making your feet feel like they’re sinking into cozy slippers. This level of support is important for those with flat feet because you won’t experience aches and pains.

2 Fresh Foam Arishi V2 Running Shoe

Aside from incredible looks, these running shoes by New Balance are designed with flat feet in mind. In particular, the ultra heel hugs the back of your feet for a supportive fit. These workout shoes are also durable and long-lasting. For example, the endurance outsole prevents the footwear from wearing out, so you can wear them for vigorous, long runs or on hard surfaces. To increase comfort, these sneakers feature an EVA foam insert that provides plenty of softness and security against your feet.

3 New Balance Fresh Foam Roav V1 Sneaker

The Nitrel V3 running shoes by New Balance are perfect if you love lightweight options. In fact, they’re 30 percent lighter than other shoes, thanks to the lightweight REVlite midsole. Not only does this feature prevent any discomfort from excess weight, but it improves comfort—especially around the midsole, where those with flat feet tend to suffer the most. Also, the mesh upper makes these running shoes ideal for wearing often and sweaty workouts because they won’t lock in moisture and prevent heat from building up within the sneakers.

4 New Balance Nitrel V3 Running Shoe

The Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoes feature a hypo knit upper that makes them breathable and comfortable against your skin. Also, the fresh foam midsole ensures that you receive all the support and protective cushioning that you need during your runs. These running shoes come with a slight heel to increase your fit and comfort, enabling you to wear them for long periods at a time. Plus, the platform isn’t too much that it’ll ache your feet—especially if you have flat feet.

5 New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10 Running Shoe

The most impressive feature about these shoes is the toe protection technology that protects your feet from rocks, roots, and debris. This is ideal if you tend to walk or run in off-road trials. Plus, with this level of safety protection, you’ll get peace of mind when you’re on the go in these environments. Also, the upper features a no-sew construction to provide a sleek fit and feel that prevents the sneakers from becoming loose as you walk. This particular feature also allows these running shoes to remain as lightweight as possible to prevent any injuries or discomfort.

6 New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi Trail V1 Running Shoe

These running shoes are a must-have if you’re searching for ample cushioning. In fact, the ABZORB midsole absorbs impacts through a combination of cushioning and compression-resistance. This midsole cushioning delivers versatile and flexible support, allowing you to get a good workout in without the shoes restricting your movement. You’ll receive plenty of comfort combined with a great fit. The engineered mesh upper on these running shoes feature a no-sew construction for a sleek fit and feel, while the molded sockliner hugs your feet for extra comfort. As a bonus, they’re also lightweight and breathable, so there’s never a moment of irritation or discomfort.

7 New Balance 680 V6 Running Shoe

These running shoes are designed for all types of environmental factors and terrain, so you can wear them wherever and whenever you wish. The toe protection enables you to wear them on rocky surfaces. Also, the ABZORB cushioning and New Balance Ultra Soft comfort insert provides all-day comfort for whatever obstacles that’s on your way. Not only will this soft insert provide a comfortable layer between your feet and the shoes, but they’ll avoid any aches and pains that you can encounter from having flat feet.

8 New Balance 510 V4 Trail Running Shoe

Finally, these running shoes by New Balance have so many great benefits and features to them. The sneaker’s durable upper with leather and synthetic overlays improves its overall durability as well as enhancing comfort and making them more breathable and lightweight to wear. In fact, the upper maintains breathability and lockdown support to prevent them from slipping off during wear. They also come equipped with a IMEVA foam midsole and XLT footbed for optimum comfortable cushioning. As a result, your feet won’t ache or become painful during vigorous exercise sessions, especially if you have flat feet.

9 New Balance 410 V6 Trail Running Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Are New Balance Good for Flat Feet?

The simple answer is yes. New Balance’s footwear provides plenty of support and stability when you’re running and are great running shoes for flat feet. The New Balance comfort insole is a top feature that makes this brand’s footwear ideal for flat feet. This insole supports your feet in all the areas that can become painful when walking or running. Many of the brand’s sneakers are suitable for plantar fasciitis pain, too, making them a must-have if you’re tired of uncomfortable sharp pains. A wide selection of New Balance’s footwear provides plenty of arch support without putting your feet in an unnatural position.

Which New Balance Shoes are best for Flat Feet?

If we could only recommend one pair of running shoes from New Balance, it’d be the New Balance Nitrel V3 footwear. These sneakers are lightweight, preventing any discomfort and aches from wearing heavy footwear. They also come with a lightweight REVlite midsole that improves comfort around the midsole. We also love that the New Balance Nitrel V3 footwear is versatile, so you can wear them for sweaty workouts or leisurely strolls with friends. Finally, these running shoes can handle a range of terrain, so you won’t experience any discomfort if you typically run on rocky surfaces.

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