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Best Shoes for Hip Pain

Tightness, pain, and discomfort in your hips can occur from poor alignment or posture as well as from many other reasons.

Your shoes can likewise play a role in the cause and further aggravation of hip pain. Therefore proper supportive and comfortable shoes can make an effective difference.

Hip Pain and Its Causes

Hip pain is quite a common complaint among many individuals that could have a large variety of causes. The precise location of the pain in your hips could be a valuable key to finding a more suitable cause and treatment.

For example, issues with your hip joint itself will result in pain in the inside of your hip or groin area, whereas hip pain on the outside of the hip may be felt in your upper thighs and outer buttock, and is usually a soft tissue, muscle, ligament or tendon issue.

Some disease and conditions can also be a culprit in hip pain particularly when the pain is felt more in the lower back area, which is called referred pain.

Other than that here are a few of the main causes of hip pain;

  • Arthritis – Arthritis cause many issues, as well as pain and discomfort in many areas of the body, including the hips, Osteoarthritis, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Septic Arthritis, can all lead to hip pain.

  • Injuries – Injuries such as a dislocated hip, hip labral tear, tendinitis, sprains hip fracture, hernia or bursitis in the hip are all causes of hip pain.

  • Pinched Nerves – ins the case of Sciatica, Meralgia parenthetical, or Sacroiliitis, which are all nerve conditions, or even just a pinched nerve, you may experience hip pain.

  • Cancer – More seriously Cancer suck as Bone cancer and Leukemia will cause pain in the hips.

  • Other Problems – Other conditions such as infections in the bone, and Synovitis can also cuase hip PainOther problems

Hip Pain Treatment Advice

Hip Pain and Running or Walking

Hip pain is usually mostly felt when running and walking and is a condition that is well known by many athletes. Determining the cause can be tricky, and this will help in determining treatment.

Keep in mid your hips carry most of the weight of your body, they consist of a ball joint with tendons and muscles in between. Chronic pain in your hips could be connected to the way your feet move when you walk or run. Walking and running is good for you but be careful, poor footwear and walking or running habits can cause or exacerbate hip and even knee pain.

Wearing proper shoes whether it is for running, walking, or work is very important to reduce the impact on your hips and knees and to prevent overpronation or supination which can interfere with your posture. Practicing good walking and running habits is the second factor that is important to consider when you have hip pain or want to prevent it in the future.

Features of a Good Hip Pain Shoe

  • Shock Absorbeny – Look for and EVA Midsole, heel and/or forefoot pads, and good cushioning such as foam, Gel, EVA or Memory foam to cushion the blows when you walk or run and absorb the impact.

  • Arch Support – The right arch support for your specific arch typ[e will help with alignment and support your feet to distribute weight more evenly along the foot, reducing the impact on the hips and knees.

  • Stability – Stability features are ideal for excessive pronation, in or to improve your running and walking methods and to improve your overall posture.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Hip Pain

Here are some of the most supportive and comfortable shoes that will help to alleviate hip pain effectively;

The Orthaheel Vionic Walker is an orthopedic style shoe that will provide comfort and relief from hip pain.

Top Features:

  • Soft and supple leather uppers that have breathable insets for ventilation.
  • A thick and durable rubber outsole with the cushioned midsole to absorb shock and protect your feet and lower limbs form impact.
  • A Comfortable Orthaheel Footbed.
  • High quality and moisture wicking mesh interior linings.
  • A stability design footbed and heel.

1 Podiatrist Designed Shoes for Hip Pain

Skechers Shape ups have a design that controls motion, prevention Overpronation, as well as Plantar Fasciitis and Heel Pain, the technology used in this shoe also aids in preventing and alleviating hip pain effectively.

Top Features:

  • Breathable mesh and synthetic uppers design with smooth moisture wicking interior linings.
  • A Rocker Bottom Rubber Outsole, for stability and Motion Control.
  • Comfortable and plush memory foam insole that contours to the shape of your feet.
  • Superb arch and heel support.

2 Motion Control Hip Pain Shoes

One of my favorite models from Asics is their gel Nimbus with technology that feels like you are walking and running on a cloud.

Top Features:

  • A comfortable and glove like FluidFit design with breathable and flexible uppers.
  • Gel cushioning for better shock absorbency.
  • Fluidride technology for better gait efficiency.
  • Very lightweight and well cushioned to prevent impact on your hips and lower limbs.

3 Running Shoes for Hip

A comfortable and Supportive Walking shoe with superb Cloudfoam cushioning that absorbs all impacts, from Adidas.

Top Features:

  • Cloudfoam midsole and outsole for in-step comfort and cushioning, that absorbs shock om impact.
  • Breathable and lightweight Knit textile upper construction with a sock like fit.
  • Durable high traction rubber outsole.
  • Moisture wicking interior linings.

4 Cushioned Hip Pain Walking Shoe

The New Balance 577 (Velcro Version) is a top choice from health and foot conditions, including hip and knee pain, as well as for arthritic feet and Plantar Fasciitis.

Top Features:

  • A cushioned collar and footbed for comfort.
  • Genuine soft and supple leather uppers with a lightweight synthetic sole.
  • Very lightweight design.
  • A firm and cushioned midsole for maximum comfort and support.

5 Adjustable Walking Shoe for Hip Pain

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Hip Pain

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Vionic - Podiatrist Designed Shoes for Hip Pain
Vionic 90
2 Skechers - Motion Control Hip Pain Shoes
Shape Ups
Shape Ups
Skechers 90
3 Asics - Running Shoes for Hip
Gel Nimbus 21
Gel Nimbus 21
Asics 90
4 Adidas - Cushioned Hip Pain Walking Shoe
Questar Flow
Questar Flow
Adidas 90
5 New Balance - Adjustable Walking Shoe for Hip Pain
MW411 Velcro
WW411 Velcro
New Balance 90

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