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A leg with Gout

Best Gout Shoes to provide pain and pressure relief

Gout is a painful and common condition that affects the joints in your body and in many cases the joints in your feet and toes.

If you have painful gout in your toes or feet an orthopedic comfort shoe may be just what you need to provide effective pain and pressure relief.

What is Gout and What Causes Gout

Gout is basically a common type of arthritis which causes intense pain, swelling stiffness in your joints, for the most part in the joints of your Big Toe.

Gout attacks can come quite fast and unexpectantly, returning slowly over time and harming the tissues of all the affected joints and areas, causing much pain and discomfort.
Gout is known as the most common form of arthritis which causes inflammation in men, though it is more prominent in men it can also affect women after menopause.

A few interesting Facts on Gout;

  • Gout is a form of arthritis caused by excess uric acid in your bloodstream.
  • Gout symptoms are caused by crystallized uric acid in your joints and your body’s response to them.
  • Gout is most likely to affect men and the joint in the big toe area.
  • The gout attack can occur at any time day or night, and very suddenly.
  • Most gout cases can be treated with medication effectively.

Because gout is initially caused by the build up and crystallization of uric acid in the blood or hyperuricemia, it makes sense that controlling the production and breaks down of uric acid in the body is your best defense against this condition.

Uric Acid is produced in your body during the break down of purines which are chemical compounds found in high amounts in foods such as meat,poultry, and seafood. Usually the uric acid is dissolved in your blood, though excess uric acid will build up and crystalize which triggers inflammation in your joints.

Some cuases and risk factors of gout include;

  • Age and Gender – Overall men produce much more uric acid than women, therefore are more likely to develop gout, although uric acid production increases in women during menopause.

  • Genetics – If you have a family history of Gout you are more likely to develop the condition yourself.

  • Diet – Alcohol consumption intervenes with the breakdown of uric acid and eating foods high in purines such as meat, poultry and fish can cause uric acid build up, leading to gout attacks.

  • Lead Exposure – Chronic Exposure to lead may lead to Gout.

  • Medications – Diuretic medications and medications containing salicylate can increase the build up of gout causing uric acid.

  • Weight – If you are overweight you have an increased Gout risk as there is more turnover of body tissue, meaning more production of uric acid as a metabolic waste product in your body. Likewise, there are higher levels of body fat also increase levels of systemic inflammation, because your fat cells produce pro-inflammatory cytokines.

  • Other Cuases – Other conditions that can cause Gout are; Renal insufficiency and other kidney problems, which impair the body’s ability to remove waste products, elevated uric acid levels, and also conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes.

Treating Gout

Mostly non-steroidal medications and anti-inflammatory drugs are used to effectively treat and reduce the pain and symptoms of gout.

using Ice or heat therapy on painful joints can help to alleviate the pain and swelling.

if your Toe joints are affected then I would recommend wearing a shoe with comfortable uppers that do not add pressure and a cushioned and supportive insole to provide you with shock absorbency and stability.

Likewise watching your diet and being more health conscious can help prevent the onset of gout.

Features of a Good Shoe for Gout

Individuals with Gout should try to avoid flat shoes such as sandals and moccasins. With gout causing swelling and being unsightly most people will want to avoid open shoes as well.
Orthotics with explanation of What's in every shoe for Gout - Unmatched Cushioning, Comfortable Arch Support, Heel Pain Relief and Anti-Microbial Fabric & Foam

  • Cushioned and good arch support.
  • A thicker sole or slight heel.
  • Stability or motion control features.
  • Comfortable and flexible uppers.
  • Roomy toe box area for less pressure.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Gout

Below are listed some of the best available shoes that cater for individuals who have Gout;

The Crocs Classic is a unisex shoe available in so many colors from bright to neutral and darker colors. It has the perfect design for foot conditions such as Gou, with soft materials and a roomy toe box area.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic Crosslite foam uppers with holes for better ventilation.
  • A closed sandal design that covers up painful toes and joints.
  • Wide and roomy fit.
  • Available in many color options.

1 Summer Shoe for Gout

The Gel Venture is a comfortable and supportive athletic shoe for walking and running, with features ideal for individuals with gout.

Top Features:

  • An athletic shoe with soft and flexible mesh and synthetic leather uppers.
  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning for shock absorbency.
  • A comfortable and cushioned removable sockliner.
  • AHAR high abrasion resistant outsole.
  • Many colors and patterns available to choose from.

2 Athletic Shoe for Gout

The Orthofeet Coral and Sprint are your two best choices in casual walking sneakers when you suffer from Gout. They are orthopedic comfort sneakers with a non-binding and extra depth design.

Top Features:

  • A non-binding, extra depth and seam free design, for more comfort and less irritatyion.
  • Comfortable cushioned orthotic insole.
  • Durable and high traction rubber outsole.
  • The sockliner is removable allowing you’re the use of your won orthotics.
  • Improved stability and motion control.

3 Running Shoe for Gout

The Brooks Addiction 13 is comfortable and durable running and walking shoe that provides orthopedic comfort and relief.

Top Features:

  • Flexible mesh uppers with a breathable moisture managing lining.
  • Progressive diagonal ROLLBAR technology for motion control and stability.
  • Maximum cushioning and comfort.
  • A durable and high traction thick rubber outsole.
  • Available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide width options to choose from.

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Gout

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Crocs - Summer Shoe for Gout
Crocs 90
2 Asics - Athletic Shoe for Gout
Gel Venture 6
Gel Venture 6
Asics 90
3 Brooks - Running Shoe for Gout
Addiction 13
Brooks 90

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