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Best Non-Slip Shower Shoes

Are you planning on a summer vacation by the beach with walks around the pool? Or perhaps you regularly attend your gym and finish the session with a public shower. No matter your reasons, shower footwear is a safe option for protecting your feet and keeping your comfort in mind.

You’ll find a range of non-slip shower shoes on our list, each with excellent features and diverse selections.

Waterproof, protective and long-lasting, you’re bound to find a pair of footwear that suits your needs and preferences.

Benefits of Non-Slip Shower Shoes

There’s a variety of shoes on the market, but what are some benefits of purchasing non-slip shower shoes and what do you need a pair? We think of showers as clean spaces, but not all communal bathrooms are hygienic. If you attend public showers, it’s critical to protect your feet from bacteria and germs.

Fortunately, this type of footwear prevents you from slipping and sliding, helping to save you from accidents and injuries. You wouldn’t receive the same effect and protection from wearing traditional footwear, as non-slip shower shoes are waterproof and designed to offer good traction.

Another great benefit of this footwear is the convenience of showering and walking to your accommodation or bedroom without having to dry your feet. It can be inconvenient to dry yourself in a public bathroom, wear socks and put on a pair of sneakers afterward. When you’re in a rush, you need a quicker solution. Fortunately, non-slip shower shoes save the drying-time and you can wear them the entire time you’re walking to the shower, cleaning and walking back.

Shower shoes are easy to care for and dry. In minutes after your shower, they’ll be virtually dry. If you plan to use them regularly, a wet wipe can conveniently remove any dirt and debris from the surface, making them clean and ready-to-use for next time.

Finally, shower shoes are versatile enough to take to the beach or at public swimming pools. If you’re tired of uncomfortable flip-flops that hurt your feet and don’t offer bacterial protection, shower shoes are an excellent solution. Slip them on with your bathing suit and they’ll compliment your outfit.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Shower Shoes

Before we share our selection of the best non-slip shower shoes, there are some important considerations to make. With numerous features to choose from, you’ll need to narrow down your options to select a durable pair of shoes.


One of the most important factors to consider is protection, particularly against bacteria. If you plan to wear the shoes in public showers, the areas might be riddled with bacterial infections and fungal. Consequently, it’s necessary to purchase non-slip shower shoes with protection against these infections.

At the bare minimum, the footwear should have plenty of holes for ventilation and drainage so water and infections can wash away from your shoes and empty down the drain. But it’s also a bonus if they’re designed from materials that are resistant to nasty microbes in the first place. This will reduce the chances of infections in the long haul.

Slip Resistant

It’s essential that the shower shoes are slip-resistant, especially at the soles. This feature enables you to stand still or move around freely without any trips or slips under normal shower circumstances. You’ll likely consider this feature for footwear in general, but it’s especially important if you’ll be wearing them in wet scenarios.

Check the soles feature a rubber sole for extra durability and to remain waterproof, so they don’t damage when exposed to water. Plus, a rubber sole can offer huge amounts of grip and better traction each time you wear them around water.


Although non-slip shower shoes are designed for practicality and safety, they should still feel comfortable to wear for long periods. Ensure the shoes don’t dig into your feet before deciding to invest in them for a long time. They should be made from high-quality materials that feel comfortable against your skin and don’t cause any irritation.

Some common materials to look for include mesh and foam, as they’re suitable for being exposed to water and feel comfortable against your skin, too. Other materials can be difficult to dry once they’ve been in the shower, and don’t feel as soft or comfortable against your feet. Many other materials also attract bacteria and fungi, which completely defeats the idea of wearing shower shoes in the first place.


You don’t want to invest in a pair of non-slip shower shoes and they only last a few weeks before falling apart. Compared to traditional footwear, these will be exposed to water indefinitely, and should, therefore, be designed with high-quality, durable materials. Shower shoes are subject to wear and tear and tend to be treated rougher than most footwear, so they need to be made with a long lifespan in mind.

Lightweight and Quite

Think of those times you used to wear flip-flops and everyone could hear you coming from a mile away. Resist the temptation to purchase loud shower shoes that create a clambering noise with each step – particularly if you’re wearing them in public zones.

Ideally, the shower shoes will remain lightweight, making them convenient and comfortable to carry around with you. Bulky shoes will weigh you down and become a pain to transport, while also feeling uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Dual Purposes

Although designed for use in showers, non-slip shower footwear can also be versatile to wear during your everyday life. In which case, opt for styles that replicable your fashion tastes and are complemented with colors and designs you’d opt for in your traditional footwear. Ask yourself if you plan to wear the shower shoes outside of water conditions, too.

Different Types of Shower Shoes

Another criterion to take into careful consideration is the type and style of the shower shoes. Below are the most popular types of non-slip shower slips to consider throughout your search.

Flip Flips

These are a popular choice for around the beach, but they’re also a budget-friendly style for wearing in the shower. One factor to consider with this style is that they’re extremely flat and offer little cushioning. Most are Y-shaped to fit between your toes to keep the shoes in place. This feature can be uncomfortable for some and lacks the support you may need, though they’re a quick, lightweight solution to public showers.


Slides look similar to flip-flops but feature a wide strap instead of a Y-shaped strap for extra comfort. They also offer backless slides to conveniently slip on and off. This feature also ensures that you can achieve a snug fit with the footwear, though they tend to be more cushioned and stable than flip-flops.

Water Shoes

If you’re looking for shower shoes with a closed-toe design, water shoes are a must-have. They feature webbing that goes across the top of the foot, making them heavier and more sturdy to wear. Though this also makes them long-lasting. One common flaw is that you can’t easily clean your feet in the shower while wearing this footwear since your toes aren’t on display. However, many customers find these are more comfortable to wear since they fit snug around your heels and toes.

Reviews: Best Non-slip Shower Shoes

We appreciate that finding the best non-slip shower shoes can be a healthy and confusing process. Consequently, we’ve taken the hard work out of your search and researched the top footwear to purchase on the market right now.

While sifting throughout this diverse selection, keep in mind the above factors to discover the best footwear for your needs and budget.


shevalues Shower Shoes for Women with Arch Support Quick Drying Pool Slides Lightweight Beach Sandals with Drain Holes, Blue-old Version, 6-7.5 Women / 4.5-6 Men - Quick-Drying Shower Shoes

If you’re searching for non-slip shower shoes that exceed in comfort and durability, this is an excellent choice for all genders. The non-slip sole prevents any slipping while getting in and out of the shower to eliminate any accidents. They’re reasonably-priced to remain a great choice for even those on a budget.

Top Features:

  • Super-soft, high-quality EVA material with excellent elasticity for comfort and pain-relief
  • Designed with arch support to reduce any pressure or stress on your feet
  • Lightweight with a combined total of six ounces to eliminate any unnecessary weight and pressure on your feet
  • Quick-drying drain holes allow the shoes to dry quickly and effectively every time
  • Available in four colors, including pink, black, grey and blue
  • Quick and easy to slip on with no Y-shaped strap. One straightforward design with no parts that can dig into your feet and cause irritation

Best Choice NO. 1

Vertico - Rubber Shower Flip Flops | Quick Dry, Lightweight Protection Sandals - Black (9 US) - Rubber Shower Flip Flops

These women’s shoes are the perfect gear for a spartan race. From holding the shoe, you can appreciate its high-quality materials The Vertico Shower Flip Flops are designed for travelers, and remain lightweight and durable, making them an excellent choice for regular use. Built with quick-drying technology, they’re also ideal for anyone in a rush or looking for a quick and easy solution to showering in public houses.

Top Features:

  • Features closed-cell EVA construction to reduce the amount of water absorbed within the shoe. This helps the footwear to dry quickly and prevents the chances of developing Athletes Foot and other fungal bacteria
  • Gripped and durable sole to prevent slipping in wet locker rooms. A must-have for walking along the poolside or generally keeping safe in the shower
  • Rubber sole to remain durable and long-lasting, even with regular use
  • Padded interior for additional comfort, making them perfect for wearing for extended periods. Plus, the interior sole is gripped to prevent any slipping or accidents when in the shower
  • Soft material, so you can wear these shower shoes for extended periods without the material rubbing against your foot

Runner Up NO. 2

Bigant Bathroom Shower Shoes Slides House Gym Slipper Quick Dry Sandals,Non-Slip Light Weight - Bathroom Shower Shoes

If you’re on the lookout for non-slip shower shoes you won’t use regularly, a budget-friendly option is a great choice. This footwear is designed for occasional wear while having availability in a range of colors according to your style preferences.

Top Features:

  • Massage-design sole to remain comfortable with each way. The ribbed design helps your feet to feel relaxed and cushioned – a great feature after a long, tiring day
  • Designed with durable materials to remain long-lasting and reliable each time you wear them. They won’t become damaged or ripped with a few wears, and are suitable for extended shower use
  • Anti-slip surface on both sides of the shower shoes. This is ideal if you’re wearing alongside the poolside
  • A suitable choice for anyone with wide feet, while remaining versatile with a range of styles and colors

NO. 3

MAIZUN Womens Snow Boots Anti-Slip Fur Lined Ankle Booties Warm Slip On Walking Winter Boots Outdoor Hiking - Non-slip Shower Sandals

Remain protected from fungal infections without compromising your feet’s comfort or the shoe’s durability. Maizun designed this footwear to increase the friction between your feet and the shoe’s sole, helping to eliminate any accidents or slips in the shower.

Top Features:

  • Rubber sole for a long-lasting design that’s also waterproof and won’t become prone to mold over several years of wear
  • Bulged non-slip sole design improves your safety while getting in and out of the shower
  • Flexible to make them suitable for a range of sizes. They’re also ideal for people with wide feet
  • Lightweight to remain suitable for transportation and prevent your feet from aching with extended wear; some customers report they feel similar to slippers
  • Easily wearable and comfortable, thanks to the high-elastic rubber and plastic materials throughout the non-slip shower shoes
  • Simplistic design for an easy, practical fit that you can slip on in seconds

NO. 4

Qiucdzi Women's and Men's Comfort Slides Summer Non Slip Slippers Sports Sandals - Durable Shower Sandals

Qiucdzi designed these non-slip shower shoes with comfort in mind. They feature a thick curved design to remain user-friendly, making them easy to drain and eliminating any stress on your feet while you wear them.

Top Features:

  • EVA design to feel like shower slippers on your feet and prevent slipping off with each step you take. The high elastic material ensures they’re comfortable and long-lasting
  • A non-slip design to enhance ground friction and prevent any slips or falls while in the shower or getting to and from the bathroom. Your safety is a priority and they’re suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Soft and lightweight for excellent comfort and prevent the shoe’s shape from deforming with regular use. Weighing only 150g, they relieve any pressure from your feet and are enjoyable to wear

NO. 5

Amoji Garden Clogs Shoes Garden Shoes Shower Slippers Sandals Yard Gardening Beach Water Plastic Rubber Comfortable House Indoor Summer Adult Female Male AM1702 Black Size 15 Women/14 Men - Non-slip Shower Shoes

Although designed for shower use, this footwear is versatile enough to wear to an array of occasions, including in the garden or for daily errands in summer. Plus, with a range of colors and styles to choose from, there’s a pair of Amoji shoes for everyone.

Top Features:

  • Waterproof features to remain suitable for water events. They won’t becoming moldy or attract bacteria or infections, helping to protect your feet during use
  • Breathable material with the holes, so your feet don’t become sweaty. This makes them ideal for wearing outside of the shower, too
  • The holes fitted throughout the shoes ensure they dry quickly and don’t retain moisture. Their design also allows you to wear them while walking back from the shower without any drips
  • Non-slip sole so you remain safe and protected while walking on slippery surfaces. This sole is also durable and well-built, too

NO. 6

WODEBUY Men's Shower Sandals Antislip Fast Dry Flilp Flop Flats Bathroom and Gym Slider Sandals for Men - Anti-Slip Shower Sandals

These non-slip shower shoes are designed to last and offer all the practicality you could need when showering. They’re fast-drying, versatile and breathable to ensure your feet remain comfortable and odor-free for longer.

Top Features:

  • Designed with eva and rubber materials to ensure they remain durable and sturdy
  • Lightweight material and style that makes these shower shoes convenient to carry around with you without adding any additional weight to your walks
  • Available in a choice of four colors, so you’re bound to find a style that suits your tastes
  • Padded sole to remain comfortable enough to walk in for your daily errands, too
  • Excellent grip on the sole to prevent any accidents while walking on wet surfaces
  • Holes in the design so the shoes remain breathable while also being quick-drying

NO. 7

Crocs Women's Swiftwater Sandals, Black/White, 9 - Water Sandals

The reputable brand, Croc’s, has won our hearts over once again with these waterproof sandals. Available in a vast selection of styles and colors, there’s something to suit everyone from these shower shoes.

Top Features:

  • Lightweight and sporty design, so you can walk to and from your destination without your feet aching
  • Supportive sole to prevent any discomfort or aches in your feet when standing up for prolonged periods
  • Water-friendly design that prevents damage with regular exposure to water, while also preventing mold and mildew from forming on the shoe
  • Iconic style that can be taken outside of the public washrooms. They’re suitable for daily errands and walking in the summer heat
  • Enhanced traction with built-in flex grooves. These hold up through all activities and prevent your chances of slipping in the shower
  • Flexible material that adjusts to the size and shape of your feet. This feature is also useful for storing the shoes in a tight bag when not in use

Final Verdict

Before deciding on the best non-slip shower shoes for you, consider when and how often you’ll wear them. You should also look for footwear with an anti-bacterial protection if you plan on wearing them regularly in public shower rooms.

If we could only select one pair of shower shoes from our extensive selection, it’d be the Vertico Rubber Shower Flip Flops. These are lightweight and comfortable to wear, while ensuring your feet are protected with every wear.

Alternatively, the final choice, Croc’s Water Sandals, provide a versatile design that enables you to wear them outside of the shower, too. They’re fast-drying, so there’ll be virtually bone-dry by the time you’ve walked back to your accommodation. What are your thoughts on our selection of non-slip shower shoes? Share your opinions, or further recommendations, in the comments.

Index Table: Best Non-slip Shower Shoes

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