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Best Squash Shoes

Squash is a very fast paced sport played on a court that requires many fast stops and starts as well as lateral movements. For this Reason, a shoe that offers good traction and stability is required, which is also flexible enough to allow for this type of movement.

A Few Tips on Choosing the Best Shoes for Playing Squash

It is advised that when you decide to buy a Squash shoe, always to fit it on in the late afternoon when your feet are a bit bigger and more swollen than early in the day, to get the right size, and make sure to wear the original socks that you wear when playing Squash. The shape and characteristics of your feet, such as a low, high or neutral arch, a wide, or a narrow foot will likewise greatly affect your choice in a shoe.

In length the should always be around three millimeters between the toe and the end of the shoe, and you should move around in the shoe to make sure that it is comfortable.

  • Sole – Any good Squash shoe needs to offer good stability and optimal weight distribution, along with traction. Make sure that your shoe sole is also non-skid and will not leave marks on the court floors.

  • Lateral Reinforcement – One of the most important qualities of a Squash shoe is lateral support and stability, to protect you against injuries. Lateral reinforcement usually consists of a series of elements that you should look for. The surface or uppers of the shoe is made from leather which is adaptable to the shape of your feet, flexible enough to move with your, and abrasion resistant. Other elements may likewise be added to the sides of the shoe to enhance lateral stability and protection which may consist of rubber, synthetic or plastic materials.

  • Shock Absorbency -Squash is a very fast paced and intense sport that requires a shoe that absorbs shock effectively and efficiently, look for excellent heel shock absorbent materials in particular.

  • Breathability and Moisture Wicking – Breathability in the materials of the shoe such as a breathable insole, and perforations are ideal to protect your feet from overheating and sweating during this intense sport. Moisture wicking and smooth interior linings likewise keep your feet dry and comfortable and help to reduce moisture build up and odors.

Why is a Proper Squash Shoe so Important

Playing squash holds the risk of muscle strains, sprains in the arms legs and lower back, as well as fall injuries, impact injuries and head and eye injuries from getting hit by a stray ball or racquet. Therefore, the right gear is very important.

As for your feet particularly if you are a regular squash player, the proper shoes will provide protection and prevention of injuries, as well as overuse injuries, and also aid in your overall performance.

Features of a Squash Shoe

  • Leather or synthetic uppers with a breathable design of perforation holes.
  • Lateral reinforcements and support.
  • A heel cup or added heel cushioning.
  • Shock absorbing EVA midsole.
  • Durable and flexible high traction rubber outsole with some stability features.
  • Smooth and seamless interior linings that wick away moisture.
  • Secure lace up system that stays in place.

Reviews: The Best Squash Shoes

Here are our top picks in the best available Squash Shoes for Beginners and Professionals alike;

The Hi-Tec Infinity for men and women is an indoor court shoe that has features ideal for playing squash and even indoor tennis.

Top Features:

  • The uppers are made from breathable material with synthetic leather overlays in two contrasting and patterned colors of silver and blue.
  • There is a reinforced rubber toe, additional rubber reinforcement in the heel and under the ball of the foot for better support.
  • A secure lace up system with extra eyelets to tuck your laces in safely.
  • External TPU Heel counter for stability and support.
  • There are ESS forefoot inserts for better lateral support and flexibility.
  • An Abrazone forefoot reinforcement and durable high abrasion and non-marking rubber outsole.
  • The perfect shoe for any on court indoor sports such as squash and tennis.
  • Secure and padded collar.

1 Court Squash Shoe


Prince T22

Prince Men's T-22 MID, Black/Red
3 Reviews
A great indoor court squash shoe with a reinforced heel and toe, added stability and good ankle protection.

Top Features:

  • A supportive Heel counter and extra cushioning in the heel for better shock absorbency and stability.
  • Leather and synthetic uppers for breathability with a more comfortable and relaxed fit design.
  • Lace up closure with a secure design for laces to stay in place.
  • The forefoot toe area and heel are reinforced with a leather overlay and the rubber outsole stretches up to the toe.
  • A durable and high traction, supportive rubber outsole.
  • The outsole contains PRC 1000 compounds in a herringbone tread pattern.
  • Available in a few color designs for men an women to choose from.

2 Indoor Squash Shoe

The Gel-Dedicate from Asics is a very lightweight and comfortable tennish and squash shoe with a padded and mesh lined heel counter, mesh forefoot area, as well as a reinforced rubber toe and heel for abrasion resistance and excellent lateral stability and support.

Top Features:

  • Forefoot Gel cushioning to enhance shock attenuation.
  • A Trusstic system for lightweight structural integrity in the rubber outsole.
  • The uppers consist of a breathable textile forefoot with reinforced leather overlays at the lateral area and a reinforced rubber toe, the collar is padded and lined with mesh, and the heel area ins layered with durable leather.
  • A secure lace up system that can be safely tucked away.
  • Excellent lateral stability and a slight supportive heel.
  • The collar holds your ankle and heel in place for added protection.

3 Squash Shoe

The Nike Court Lite has a completely leather top available in a few color options with a contrasting Nike Logo. There are additional overlays for lateral stability and reinforced durability as well as a rubber toe tip, and snug fitting padded heel.

Top Features:

  • Textile and leather uppers with additional layers for lateral stability and better structural integrity.
  • A rubber toe tip that stretches along with the rubber outsole.
  • Comfortable and snug fitting heel that is padded for support and ankle protection.
  • Smooth and moisture wicking interior lining.
  • Comes in a few color variants all with the contrasting Nike Logo.
  • The tongue is made from mesh for additional breathability and there is a full length shock absorbing Phylon Midsole that provides lightweight cushioning.
  • A GDR durable and high traction outsole.

4 Squash Shoe

The Salming Cobra is one of the squash specific shoe styles of quite a few that Salming offers which are designed ideally to play squash on an indoor squash court.

Top Features:

  • Very lightweight and highly breathable mesh uppers with synthetic overlays for structural integrity and better support.
  • Roll bar technology and an increases radius on the inner side of the outer sole to prevent overpronation.
  • A Hexagrip design, Outsole made from durable and lightweight rubber with Hexa grip patterns for increased traction on the court floors.
  • An Exoskeleton that is fully integrated connecting the laces for support and stabilizing the midfoot.
  • Recoil SoftFOAM cushioning in a sandwich construction for comfort and support.
  • An Ergo Heel Cup for better stability and heel and ankle protection.

5 Indoor Court Squash Shoe

Index Table: Top Rated Squash Shoes

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Hi-Tec - Court Squash Shoe
Hi-Tec 90
2 Prince - Indoor Squash Shoe
Prince 52
3 Asics - Squash Shoe
Asics 90
4 Nike - Squash Shoe
Court Lite
Court Lite
Nike 90
5 Salming - Indoor Court Squash Shoe
Salming 90

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