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Best Memory Foam Slippers

If you have heard of the wonders that memory foam can do for your body when sleeping on a memory foam pillow or mattress, imagine what it can do for your feet.

In this article, we are looking at some of the most comfortable slippers with a memory foam footbed or insole to provide you with leisure wear that is as luxurious as a memory foam pillow or mattress for your feet.

Memory Foam Slippers are the next step in luxury comfort and support in leisure wear.

Memory Foam and How Its Made

Producing Memory foam is a modern marvel of Chemistry and industry, which entails reacting different substances in a process that is quite similar to polyurethane. Yet additional processes and substances are used to create a more viscous and dense material, hence memory foam.

  • Mixing Ingredients – Polyols which are petroleum derived alcohols and plant oils, isocyanates and reacting agents are all mixed together.

  • Molding – The Mixture is then whipped into a froth and poured into a mold. Heat is introduced causing the mixture in the mold to bubble up and produce a foamy substance.

  • Gas Infusion – The Foamy mixture is then infused with gas or a blowing agent to create and open cell matrix.

  • Cooling the Bun – These large chunks of foam are referred to as “Buns”, which are then cooled and heated again, and then left to cure for 8 hours up to a few days.

  • Cleaning – After Curing the Memory Foam is washed and dried and inspected for quality.

  • Cutting – Lastly the Memory Foam Bun is cut into pieces for use in your Pillow, Mattress or a shoe insole or footbed.

Memory Foam in Your Shoes

Memory Foam insoles or footbeds in your shoes can be very comfortable and beneficial in providing contoured cushioning and support.

There are however a few pros and cons when it comes to memory foam shoes;

  • Pros – Memory foam provides contoured support and comfort as well as ample cushioning when walking and running. It feels soft and comfortable on your feet and molds to the shape of your foot.

  • Cons – Memory foam may retain heat and can also hold quite and unpleasant smell initially.

Features of a Good Memory Foam Shoe

  • Memory Foam Insole – Good quality soft and cushioned memory sole that can be made from a single or more layers of memory foam, with a smooth top layer. The Memory Foam will mold and contour to the shape of your feet and even keep them warm and cozy in your favorite slippers

  • Midsole – EVA or foam midsole for shock absorbency and cushioning, for a more comfortable and supportive slipper.

  • Outsole – Durable rubber or synthetic sole that offers good traction and slip resistance. Some outsoles are designed for indoor use only, and others for indoor and outdoor. A rubber outsole is usually your best option and provides the best slip resistance and durability.

  • Uppers – Comfortable and breathable with a smooth lining that wicks away moisture. Uppers can be made of leather, synthetic materials, mesh or canvas, Polyester, or Cotton materials.

  • Lining – Smooth lining or fur shearling lining for comfort in winter.the lining will depend on whether you want something more breathable and moisture wicking for summer, or a warmer and more insulated fleece or shearling lining to keep your feet warm and cozy in the winter time.

Reviews: The Best Memory Foam Slippers

Below are a few top picks in shoes that have a Gum Rubber Sole;


Ofoot Winter

ofoot Womens Winter Warm Comfortable Moccasins Faux Fur Suede Slip On Slippers Mules Furry House Shoes
345 Reviews

The Ofoot Memory Foam slipper is a warm and very comfortable cozy winter slipper with a luxury memory foam footbed.

Top Features:

  • Fur lined interior on breathable upper materials.
  • A comfortable memory foam insole, that provide plush cushioning that molds to the shape of your feet.
  • TPR anti slip rubber outsole for use indoors and outdoors.
  • There are a few variations in designs and color to choose from.

1 Memory Foam Slippers for High Arches

These fuzzy slip on slippers from Zando are ideal for both winter and summer with a comfortable fur lining.

Top Features:

  • Soft wool fabric with a fur lining is used for the uppers, which is ideal for winter time.
  • An Anti Skid, rubber outsole that will give you excellent grip and traction.
  • Plush and comfortable memory foam footbed, that molds and contours to the shape of your feet.
  • Available in a few color options for you to choose from.

2 Memory Foam Fuzzy Slippers


Foottech Cozy

FOOTTECH Men's House Slippers Cozy Soft Memory Foam Home Shoes Anti Skid Indoor Outdoor Slip On Slipper 009M
382 Reviews

A warm and comfortable memory foam slip on a slipper from Fottech that is perfect for men and women, and available in colors to suit both men and women.

Top Features:

  • Anti-Skid durable and high grip rubber outsole.
  • Lightweight and durable construction, for long lasting comfort.
  • A comfortable memory foam footbed.
  • Cozy knit uppers that are soft and breathable.
  • Available in color options for men and women to choose from.

3 Memory Foam Slippers


Foottech Cozy

FOOTTECH Men's Women's Memory Foam House Slippers Cozy Soft Home Shoes Anti Skid Indoor Outdoor Slip On Slipper
382 Reviews

The Sunshine Code Memory foam Slipper is a lightweight cotton summer slipper in colors for men and women.

Top Features:

  • Soft and breathable cotton uppers, that are lightweight and perfect for summer time.
  • A Plush memory foam footbed.
  • Lightweight and breathable design.
  • Anti Skid Rubber Outsole, to prevent slips and provide better traction.
  • Gorgeous striped two tone color available in feminine and more manly color options.
  • Easily machine washable.

4 Memory Foam Cotton Slippers

The Bulliant House slipper si designed for indoor use only with soft and comfortable uppers and a soft EVA and Rubber sole.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable and supportive indoor slipper, that can be used for leisure wear at home or out.
  • EVA and memory foam insole and midsole for support and cushioning.
  • Completely waterproof uppers that are easy to clean and quick drying.
  • Durable EVA sole and rubber bottom, that provides good shock absorbency and is very durable.
  • Available in colors for ladies and gents.

5 Memory Foam Fleece Slippers

Index Table: Top Rated Memory Foam Slipperss

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Ofoot - Memory Foam Slippers for High Arches
Ofoot 82
2 Zando - Memory Foam Fuzzy Slippers
Zando 90
3 Foottech - Memory Foam Slippers
Foottech 84
4 Sunshine Code - Memory Foam Cotton Slippers
Sunshine Code 90
5 Bulliant - Memory Foam Fleece Slippers
House Slipper
House Slipper
Bulliant 90

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