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Best Shoes for Walking In Sand

Walking on sand whether at the beach or other loose sand areas can be quite challenging, and particularly if you are going to be walking longer distances a proper shoe will be required.

Most sandy areas tend to be hot, such as desert areas or the beach, which we normally visit in summertime, so a good sandal or water shoe that is designed for sand walking should easily do the trick.

Why is Walking in Sand So Difficult?

Well, in reality, it is pretty difficult to walk on any consolidated and loose material, not just sand. Sand is loose because it has much more pose space in between the sand grains, and if pressure is applied to it, and has a tendency to realign itself in order to minimize the porosity.

So Why does it take so much effort to walk on sand? Because half of your pressure energy is stolen by the sand so you have to put in twice as much energy in order to walk on sand. To put it plainly sand is difficult to walk and run on because the shifting solid underneath your feet makes it feel like the earth is moving underneath you.

Because the ground beneath you moves less force is rebounded back towards you which is the opposite with a steady solid surface, and when you push off when walking or running on sand most of the surface area that is supposed to support you get pushed away rather than staying in place, taking away force so you do not get as far.

Benefits of Walking on Beach Sand

  • View – Most sandy areas are usually at a beach, desert or natural setting with is interesting and calming to look at. So, taking a stroll on sand can be a fun and amusing recreational activity.

  • Better Exercise – Walking and running on sand takes much more effort, and your muscles and tendons work much harder, which means the exercise routine is much more effective.

  • Vitamin D – You can soak up natural Vitamin D from the sun as you walk or run on a sandy beach or area.

  • Burns calories

  • Cushioning – Running or walking on hard surfaces pounds on your feet knees, back and hips and causes much damaging impact. This is not the case with sand, sand actually cushions the impact and causes less strain on your body and feet.

  • Slower Pace – You can walk or run at a much slower pace on sand and still get the same exercise and energy, or calorie burning effect, as the effort is doubled on sand.

Features of a Good Sand Walking Shoe

There are a few things to consider when walking on sand, the first and most important is that in summer sand can get very hot and burn the soles of your feet, secondly sand can slip and cause injuries because it is so uneven.

Here are some features to look for in shoes for walking and running on sand;

  • Sandals – Look for a sandal with a rubber outsole that has slight patterns, open upper design that allows sand to fall off, and non-irritating materials that will not chafe.

  • Water Shoes – Water and Boat shoes are ideal for walking in water as well as on dry or wet sand, they keep the sand out, have a flexible design and are very lightweight with a thin rubber sole for excellent grip.

  • Fisherman’s sandals – The Fisherman’s sandal has a protective closed design with open gaps to allow ventilation and sand or water to escape from the shoe, it likewise has a rubber outsole for good grip and non-irritating upper design, which usually offers an adjustable fit.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Walking in Sand

These are a few of our top picks in shoes that are ideal for walking in and on sand;

These are trail walking sand and water Shoes for long distance walking in wet and sandy areas.

Top Features:

  • Features UniFly responsive cushioning system technology making it quite ideal to walk even on sand.
  • A Molded TPU external heel counter adds stability when you walk on uneven surfaces and sandy areas.
  • Cushioned and shock absorbing Midsole.
  • Durable and high traction outsole for walking on sand and in water.

1 Trail Walking Sand and Water Shoes


ECCO Yucatan

ECCO Men's Offroad 4-Strap Sandal Multisport Outdoor Shoes
21 Reviews
These two lovely sandals from ECCO are lightweight, comfortable and very suitable for a day walking on the sandy beaches.

Top Features:

  • Soft and supple Nubuck uppers with a stretch fit textile lining that is smooth against the skin.
  • A CMEVA footbed with a dual-density AgionA treated lining.
  • Comfortable and shock absorbing PU midsole, directly injected with Receptora technology for support.
  • The rubber outsole is very flexible and ensures great grip on sand and other surfaces alike.

2 Comfortable Sand Walking Sandal


ECCO Yucatan

ECCO Men's Yucatan Sport Sandal
9,859 Reviews

Keen Whisper

KEEN Men's Newport H2 Sandal
186 Reviews

From keen again we have the Newport and Whisper which are two hiking sandals, also ideal for walking on loose and wet sand.

Top Features:

  • Washable uppers with polyester webbing that is comfortable and durable.
  • Aegis Microbe treated lining on the footbed to protect you against germs and odors.
  • A keen patented protective toe to protect you against bumps and scrapes.
  • A razor zipped outsole with 3mm lug patterns for better grip and traction.
  • The comfortable and padded footbed that will prevent heel and foot pain.

3 Hiking Sandals for Walking on Sand


Keen Newport H2

KEEN Women's Whisper Closed Toe Sport Sandals, Beet Red/Honeysuckle, 11
69 Reviews

The Surfwalker from Speedo is a water and beach shoe which is ideal for both wet and dry sand as well as walking in water.

Top Features:

  • Breathable and flexible uppers design with extra mesh insets.
  • Easily drain water and sand and dries quickly.
  • Pull on design with a flexible opening.
  • Offers a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Trac outsole for better traction and grip.

4 beach Sand Walking and Water Shoes

The Relaxed Fit design shoe from Skechers is a hiking shoe with which you can easily walk on wet surfaces, uneven surfaces and very loose sand without losing your grip or balance.

Top Features:

  • Very lightweight and breathable mesh uppers with synthetic overlays for support.
  • There are openings at the side for ventilation and to drain sand an water.
  • A fabric topped moisture wicking footbed that is padded for comfort.
  • EVA cushioned and shock absorbing midsole.
  • Air Cooled Memory Foam footbed.
  • Very durable high grip rubber outsole.
  • This shoe is available in four neutral colors for you to choose from.

5 Hiking and Sand Walking Sandals


Keen Clearwater CNX

KEEN Men's Clearwater CNX Sandal,Black/Gargoyle,13 M US
6,461 Reviews

The Keen Clearwater CNX is a durable and comfortable outdoor sandal that is easy to walk with on wet and dry sand alike.

Top Features:

  • Soft and comfortable textile uppers with a bungee lace up system for a customizable fit.
  • The anatomically contoured and padded footbed is treated to prevent odors and keep your feet dry.
  • A durable and slip resistant rubber outsole for walking on loose sand and wet surfaces.
  • Available in a few color and size options to choose from.

6 Best Sand Walking Sandals

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Walking in Sand

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Merrell - Trail Walking Sand and Water Shoes
Merrell 90
2 ECCO - Comfortable Sand Walking Sandal
3 Keen - Hiking Sandals for Walking on Sand
Newport H2
Keen 80
4 Speedo - beach Sand Walking and Water Shoes
Surfwalker 3.0
Surfwalker 3.0
Speedo 90
5 Skechers - Hiking and Sand Walking Sandals
Melbo Journeyman
Reggae Fest Neap
Skechers 90
6 Keen - Best Sand Walking Sandals
Clearwater CNX
Clearwater CNX
Keen 88

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