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Best White Sneakers For Women

If you’re sneaker-obsessed or simply tired of wearing the same footwear, all-white sneakers can enhance your outfit without you having to replace any other elements in your wardrobe. The past few years has exposed women to become more creative with white sneakers and enabled them to remain comfortable on long walks without feeling underdressed teamed with a summer dress.

You may have owned all-white sneakers before, or taken inspiration from passers-by, but do you own a high-quality pair?

We’ve searched the Internet for the best white sneakers for women to combine comfort and practicality with chic and stylish.

Reasons to Wear All-White Sneakers

Before we share our selection of the best white sneakers for women, let’s discuss some incredible reasons to bag yourself a pair of this footwear.

First, white sneakers match almost any outfit and color, which provides excellent versatility. Take some inspiration from 60’s styles to team a contrasting dress with a flat pair of sneakers. You can also wear all-white sneakers around the office for a casual, yet ready-to-work vibe.

With the blank canvas of white sneakers, you can experiment with the rest of your ensemble with bold prints or bright shades. If you wish to wear lively prints but don’t want to keep your attire somewhat casual, all-white sneakers prevent a clash and keep your overlook look clean and suitable for a catch-up-coffee with friends or team meeting in the office.

We also love the unpredictability that all-white sneakers offer. Most people wear dark shades on their feet, so it’s great to challenge fashion with an unexpected shade. If you’re tired of looking the same as everyone else, but don’t want accessories that are too dramatic, all-white sneakers are your go-to. Take your style up a notch and add a chic vibe without having to renew your entire wardrobe.

All-white sneakers bring versatility and style to your outfit, but they also resemble romantic settings. Think weddings or innocent walks in the park with a loved one. These beautiful shoes are angelic, ultra-modern, but can be roughed up with other accessories and clothing.

Pro Tips on Looking After All-White Sneakers

With so many wonderful benefits, why would you dismiss a pair of white sneakers for women? Well, many fear the sole streaks, discoloration and pigmentation marks on the soles. Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your all-white sneakers in excellent condition, or salvage any dirty marks with these tips.

Brush The Patches

When you’re eager to remove dirt and marks, you’ll consider scrubbing your shoes, but this can loosen the fabric and damage the shoes. Instead, resort to brushing your shoes for a gentle clean with soft, rapid strokes. This won’t damage the fabric, especially if you’re using in combination with a gentle cleaning solution.

Store Them Carefully

You can’t expect your all-white sneakers to last for years if you’re throwing them in the wardrobe. No matter how clean your home is, there’s pieces of dust and dirt floating in the air, which can land in your sneakers. Reverse this effect by storing your sneakers in a shoe bag or the original box. This prevents discoloration, and if stored in the original packaging, can prevent the shoe from misshaping.

Use a Water-Based Cleaner

For tough stains, you’ll require a product stronger than soapy water. Search for water-based cleaning solutions that aren’t packed with chemicals, to protect delicate materials such as mesh and leather. Water-based cleaners are also more effective at eliminating stains and removing marks without damaging your sneakers.

Regular Spot-Cleaning is Best

It’s best to maintain all-white sneakers for women by wiping away stains and scuffs as they occur, rather than waiting into weeks later. Otherwise, the blemishes and marks will penetrate into the fibers, requiring more effort to clean. Take a soft cloth with warm water and gently wipe the mark to prevent any smudges and remove the stain.

Preventing The Best White Sneakers From Turning Yellow

All-white sneakers are notorious for turning yellow over time, but what makes this happen and how can you prevent it? One of the biggest culprits is sweat, so ensure you thoroughly wash your footwear after a vigorous workout and leave them to air dry, without exposing to direct sunlight.

Avoid placing all-white canvas sneakers in the washer as some washing detergents create a chemical reaction once the shoes dry, thus leaving a yellow hue behind. This also happens if the detergent hasn’t thoroughly washed out of the sneakers. Don’t take the risk, and opt for spot-cleaning your sneakers to target any dirt.

Reviews: The Best White Sneakers for Women

Below, you will find some of the best fashion white sneakers for women to wear for an array of occasions. To offer versatility, we’ve included an array of materials, styles, and shapes, so you can discover the best white sneakers for women, no matter the occasion.


adidas women's Grand Court Tennis Shoe, Ftwr White/ Ftwr White/ Grey Two, 8.5 US - Women's Favorite Oxfords

These Adidas white sneakers took inspiration from Adidas styles in the 1970’s. The upper offers a vintage vibe that’s combined with a clean design from the soft suede. If you take a close look at the signature three strips, you’ll notice the incredible debossed animal print detailing.

Top Features:

  • Cloudfoam sockliner offers incredible comfort.
  • Suede upper provides a plush finish.
  • Shaft measures a low-top from the arch for optimum comfort.
  • Made from genuine leather for durability.
  • Rubber sole to protect the sneakers when wearing outdoors.

Best Choice NO. 1

Reebok Women's Ever Road DMX Walking Shoe, White/Cloud Grey, 8.5 M US - Array

These white sneakers for women are a great purchase if you like to walk for miles, but don’t want your footwear to hold you back. They offer an air-cushioned feel and are lightweight, to not drag down your feet. Reebok designed these sneakers with a streamlined look to adapt to your feet shape and size for optimum comfort.

Top Features:

  • Low-cut design for freedom of movement.
  • The angled heel cup provides excellent comfort and fit.
  • Ideal sneakers for running.
  • Mesh upper for breathability to keep your feet fresh and odor-free.
  • Features memory foam sockliner, so you can wear them all day long.

Runner Up NO. 2

Tommy Hilfiger Women's Lightz Sneaker, White Multi, 8 - Putting an Emphasis on Comfort

Perhaps you’re searching for ladies white sneakers that exude character and style. Tommy Hilfiger designed these footwear for occasions when you want to look fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time. These sporty shoes provide a cool-factor to every attire, so you can look the part without experiencing foot pain.

Top Features:

  • Faux leather upper, suitable for vegans.
  • Sporty style for quirky fashionable taste.
  • Resemblance to Gucci shoes, without the price tag.
  • The round toe prevents your toes from squishing together.
  • Cushioned footbed keeps your feet comfortable for long periods.

NO. 3

PUMA Women's Carina Sneaker, White White Silver, 7 M US - Comfortable All Day Wear

Puma designed these white sneakers for women that are inspired by 1980’s fashion. The Carina shoe features a full leather upper, perforated detailing, and Puma’s signature Formstrip for stand-out footwear that reinvents the classic style.

Top Features:

  • Leather hybrid upper for durability.
  • Synthetic Puma Formstrip on the sneaker.
  • 80’s fashion for stylish sneakers that stand out.
  • SoftFoam for a flexible fit and excellent comfort.
  • The chunky, rubber sole provides long-lasting comfort if you’re on your feet all day.

NO. 4

Kenneth Cole New York Women's Kam Fashion Sneaker, White, 7 M US - Derby Saddle Shoes for Girls ladis Women

These are the best white sneakers feature a lace-up style to secure your ankle if you enjoy long walks. These Kenneth Cole sneakers also feature a breathable textile lining to keep your feet feeling fresh all day long. They’re a great go-to sneaker to offer comfort while providing a feminine fit, so you can wear them with a skirt or skinny jeans.

Top Features:

  • TSlim profile to provide a feminine touch.
  • Iconic gold accent stripe provides a snippet of detail.
  • Low-top sneaker to keep them suitable for around the office.
  • Offer cushioned arch support.
  • Stitching detail across the sneaker to add interest.

NO. 5

Nike Women's Court Royale AC Sneaker, White/White-Black, 10 Regular US - Women's Contemporary & Designer Shoes

These white sneakers for women offer a combination of an old-school design with classic clean lines. The traditional lacing exudes Nike’s fashionable taste and offers prominent branding. Nike constructed these sneakers to feel lightweight for optimum comfort and help to keep you quick on your toes.

Top Features:

  • Leather upper to ensure the sneakers are long-lasting.
  • Lace fastening, so you can adjust the fit to suit you.
  • Shapes ankle collar supports your ankle during walks.
  • Solid rubber outsole, making them suitable for vigorous activities.
  • Nike swoosh branding makes these sneakers stand-out footwear.

NO. 6

Superga womens 2790 Acotw Platform Fashion Sneaker, White, 9 US - Comfort Travel Walking Shoe

These are the best white sneakers for women searching for a thick platform. Whether you’re looking for additional support, to add a fashionable twist to ordinary sneakers, or additional height to footwear, Superga have the perfect footwear for you.

Top Features:

  • Cotton upper platforms make these sneakers ideal for daytime wear.
  • The chunky rubber heel supports the balls of your feet.
  • Cool white canvas offers excellent simplicity for day-to-day wear.
  • Superga tag for stylish branding.
  • A simple sneaker with a bold personality, thanks to the platform.

NO. 7

Roxy Women's Rory Slip On Sneaker Loafer Flat, White, 8 - Casual All Day Wear

These women’s sneakers are constructed to quickly slip on and off when you’re running errands and living a busy lifestyle. Roxy designed these sneakers with an elasticized top line so they conform to your foot shape and offer a quick slip on. Comfort is also Roxy’s top priority with the memory foam padding offering protection and comfort on your feet.

Top Features:

  • Cloth lining makes them ideal to wear with or without socks.
  • Detailing outsole makes these sneakers interesting and stylish.
  • A sporty, yet girly approach thanks to the shape and detailing.
  • Memory foam padded canvas.
  • Textured outsole for additional detailing.

NO. 8

Skechers Women's Summits Sneaker, White/Silver, 6.5 - Optimal arch support and cushioning

Skechers have some of the best white sneakers for women. This particular pair features a flexible sole to adapt to your foot shape and enables your feet to move in a natural manner. This feature is great for walking miles in the sneakers without them hurting your feet. These affordable sneakers are free from laces and offer a slip-on style, making them great if you’re constantly on the go.

Top Features:

  • Features a mesh upper for breathability.
  • Lightweight to assist you in walking for miles.
  • Slip-on style for a casual sneaker.
  • Features comfortable, memory foam insoles.
  • Elasticated lace detailing for additional style and appeal.

Final Thoughts

White sneakers are designed to provide a casual vibe while still offering comfort when you’re on your feet all day, or searching for flat footwear. From retro tops to mesh materials, there’s an extensive variety of the best white sneakers for women available right now. Investing in a pair of all-white sneakers could prevent you having to fork out on an entire new outfit.

Take a look through our selections above, and share your thoughts, or other recommendations in the comments. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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