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Walking Shoes

Read the latest shoes reviews on the topic of Walking Shoes by our team of expert reviewers.

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Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Best Hiking Shoes for Women

Many women are trying new things that seemed to be taboo for women back in the day. Hiking is one of those adventurous hobbies that only used to be for men. Today women are enjoying much different and some dangerous outdoor recreational…

Best Shoes for Cruises

A great thing about cruising is that you only need to unpack once because your transportation mode also serves as your accommodation. A cruise excursion takes you to many different places and occasions, which you will want to have the correct attire for. Short…
Rocker Bottom feature

Best Rocker Bottom Shoes

A Rocker Bottom or Rocker Sole shoe, is generally speaking a shoe that has a sole that is much thicker than that of your average shoe. These shoes are known as Rounded Sole, Toning, Round Bottom or Rocker Bottom, or Sole shoes, and…
Trail walking feature

Best Trail Walking Shoes

Trail Walking or Running is basically just running or walking on more obstacle-ridden and adverse paths or tracks. Slip and trip hazards are the most likely dangers when it comes to Trail walking, as you have the chance of walking on wet,…
Gore-Tex feature

Best Gore-Tex Lined Women’s Shoes

If you are someone who lives anywhere where rain and wet conditions are the norms, then Gore-Tex will be your best friend. Gore-Tex Waterproof Linings are most definitely the most effective and comfortable waterproof linings that you will find, anywhere. Short on time?…