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Best Women’s Shoe Brands

Are you short on shoes and looking for a new brand that delivers on style and comfort every time? We’ve discovered some of the best women’s shoe brands with a variety of style, practicality, design, and budget to help you discover the best footwear for your needs.

The Importance of Footwear in Fashion

Footwear is no longer just about practicality, but expression and decoration. Many years ago, you’d select a pair of shoes based on durability and comfort, but now we’re making unconscious choices about fit, design, and complementing the rest of our ensemble.

Whether you realize it or not, shoes reveal a lot about our personality and expression to others. The power of our appearance isn’t underestimated, and although people may not be looking at your accessories and judging you, they’re still creating a character of you in their head. Shoes represent the tone of our appearance, whether we’re looking to be noticed or hide away.

Footwear also characterizes our clothing, and isn’t just recognized as the finishing touch, but the focal touch. Could you imagine wearing dirty trainers with a smart suit to an important business meeting? Probably not, although it’d be a more comfortable choice than high heels.

So, when people next make a judgement call of who you are and your morals based on your footwear, make sure you deliver the right tone of your character. Pick shoes that best represent you, your hobbies, your goals and most of all, your fashion tastes.

Committing Yourself to a Shoe Brand

What is the best shoe brand? And why does it matter? Committing yourself to a shoe brand is the equivalent of discovering the perfect coffee blend that you can’t wait to drink again. It’s essential to wear shoes you love the look and feel of, so your feet feel blessed with every step you take.

Like you commit yourself to fashion brands, it’s good to take time out to invest in a shoe brand you trust and know will always deliver. That way, you’ll never feel clueless when it comes to finding your next office shoe or holiday-season footwear.

There are thousands of shoe brands claiming to be the best, but the only one(s) you can trust, are those you’re experienced with and have no regrets about having over your card details. Once you’ve built a relationship with some of the best women’s shoe brands in the world, you can order online with no trepidation they don’t fit correctly.

A shoe brand can save your feet from aching and save you hundreds of dollars in purchasing footwear that doesn’t save your feet from a long day of walking.

The Best Women’s Shoe Brands

Discover some of the best women’s shoe brands based on durability, materials used, and style diversity.


This San Francisco based company creates flexible and comfortable footwear that follows an S-curve tread array design carved into the bottom of your soles. This design ensures that the shoe evenly distributes weight along your feet as your walk to caress your aches and make walking effortless.

Allbirds is one of the best shoe companies for comfort, since they use merino-wool for comfort and a variety of shades and styles for aesthetics. Merino wool is softer than regular wool and captures a temperature-regulating property to keep your toes toasty in the winter. Allbirds boast you can wear their footwear without socks and they’re easy to clean in the washing machine.

You can literally walk for miles in Allbirds’s footwear without experiencing any aches or pains, thanks to their a supportive platform. Allbirds also take a sustainable approach to shoe design. For example, merino wool is a natural fiber following ethical standards, and the brand also uses recycled cardboard for packing, sugar cane for soles and polyester within the laces.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch landed a position in this list of the brand women’s shoe brands due to the company’s outstanding designs. Footwear should be a sign of expression and personality, and that’s exactly the approach Tory Burch takes.

Most footwear connoisseurs have heard of this brand, and you can easily discover a pair of shoes to wear around the office or turn up the heat with a stylish heel with Burch’s recognizable logo.

This is one of the best shoe companies to take a notorious style and completely revolutionize the look with a unique standpoint. For example, their loafers incorporate a stacked heel and leather finish but have Burch’s stamping throughout the attention to detail, patterns, and bold color choices.

Their shoe selections are some of the most expensive on this list, but the price makes the perfect accessory to any outfit, and Tory Burch only uses high-quality, sustainable materials that are designed for comfort and durability.

Dolce Vita

Finding good shoe brands isn’t an easy task, but when companies like Dolce Vita, you hold these gems tight to your chest. Their selection is versatile and unique; from a casual collection to leopard-print boots, you’re in for a surprise when you scroll through their website.

It’s the type of brand you look at and instantly recognize the name. Even if you’re searching for office-appropriate footwear, you definitely won’t hide in the corner with their inventive style.

For Dolce Vita, creating tasteful shoes is all about shape and patterns. They take a conventional shoe, such as a boot, and take an unconventional twist. As a result, their shoes will take you from daytime to nighttime and leave you shining throughout the process. Take their Post Booties, for example. They’re designed using 90 percent leather and 80 percent textile on the lining to create a long-lasting, comfortable shoe that leaves a mark with every footprint.

Cult Gaia

Cult Gaia is another the best women’s shoe brands that earned its way onto this list. Their creations are simply phenomenal. Unlike other brands on this list, Cult Gaia doesn’t design office-appropriate footwear and is unapologetically proud.

Many customers describe Cult Gaia’s footwear as “cool” and “modern”, and it’s not surprising considering the brand is recognized for designed wooden handbags. If you’re searching for one of the best women’s shoe brands for a party season, Cult Gaia has hundreds of selections to choose from.

Take their Kiki Platform, for example. This footwear has a comparable amount of engineering to architectural work. These shoes may present fear when you first look at them, though you’ll always be able to comfortably walk in a pair of Cult Gaia heels. Expect lots of thick heels, party-ready colors, and bold tones.

Manolo Blahnik

Manolo Blahnik might be one of the most expensive shoe brands on this list, though their footwear selection is luxurious and diverse. Their shoes are designed to make a statement and aimed at women who love to be the center of attention. We also found that their shoe colors are unique and they pop to stand out.

Their heels have plenty of space around the toes, so the footwear doesn’t feel tight and uncomfortable, helping you to easily walk around in them with no grunting. In fact, their fit and a cushioned lining are two reasons women don’t mind splashing out on a pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.

When scrolling through their website, you can expect to find sparkling pumps or stilettos with ribbons on. After all, the brand intends to be anything but ordinary and loves to leave strangers in awe.

Yuul Yie

Step outside of your comfort zone and purchase one of the best women’s shoe brands in the world. Yuul Yie is a Korean designer who creates footwear inspired by architecture. The brand creates modern shoes with heels that step up your shoe game and carry a futuristic appeal.

Expect quirky footwear with an array of textures, and mainly shapes. Who said stilettos have to be pointy? As such, the focal point of Yuul Yie shoes is the heel, although all footwear remains practical and office-appropriate.

One of our favorite shoes is the 70 slingback leather pumps. They feature a wavy top line, cutout sides, a deep V-shaped vamp, and a classic pointed toe. The baby blue shade keeps the footwear sophisticated and modern. To perfect the overall look, they’re finished with a faux pearl to glamorize the look.

Get Purchasing These Top Shoe Brands

Now you’re aware of some of the trendiest brands right now, we’ve searched the Internet for our favorite selections of these brands. We’ve discovered the most stylish options of the above brands, which can be matched with almost any outfit.


Dolce Vita Women's Kelani Ankle Boot, Anthracite Suede, 9.5 M US - Women's Favorite Western Booties

These boots by Dolce Vita are one of our favorite shoes on this list. If you’re searching for a boot to wear in the day but also add style to your special outfit, these are an ideal go-to. The skinny fit is ideal for a feminine touch and adds a focal point to the footwear.

These Kelani boots are so popular they’re often sold out, and it’s easy to see why. The cowhide leather maximizes texture and makes the shoes resistant to dirt and water. This material is one of the toughest shoe materials, so there’s no hesitation that the shoes won’t last. Plus, the pebble-grain texture enhances the shoe.

Best Choice NO. 1

Tory Burch Women's Kira Tan Driving Leather Loafer (6.5 M US) - Putting an Emphasis on Comfort

Tory Burch took loafers to another level with this shoe. They replicate the shape of a loafer, with the added element of the comfort of slippers. The leather material provides excellent durability for the shoe’s exterior, while the soft lining keeps your feet feeling comfortable for hours.

The studded sole provides excellent friction when walking in cold or slippery conditions to ensure the shoes are practical to wear. The studs also lifts the shoe from the floor to prevent any discomfort against the ground without the nuisance of a heel. They’re not coated with fluffy materials on the inside, which makes these loafers appropriate to wear all year-round.

Let’s not forget to mention the high-class brown leather. This shade exudes class, making the shoes an appropriate choice for around the office teamed with a skirt, dress or pants. Plus, they’re stand-out shoes that will help you get taken seriously.

Final Thoughts

The next time you’re searching for the best women’s shoe brands, reach to this article to discover a stylish array of footwear. From the above, our favorite brand is Manolo Blahnik, since their creations are so extraordinary and stylish. What are some of your favorite women’s shoe brands?

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