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Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis

If you experience pain in the ball of your foot, especially when you step off to walk tip toes, this could be a condition called Sesamoiditis.

In this article, I am going to explain to you exactly what Sesamoiditis is, how it affects your feet, and what is the best options in the treatment and maintenance of the condition.

Sesamoiditis Symptoms and Causes

Your Sesamoids are bones that are connected to muscles by tendons, they differ from the rest of the bones in your body in that they are not connected at the joints. Sesamoiditis occurs when the tendons which are attached to your sesamoid bones become irritated and inflamed.

The largest Sesamoid bone in your body is your kneecap, and three are two smaller sesamoids in the body which are the bones at the bottom of your feet bear your big toe. Sesamoiditis usually occurs in this area when the Sesamoid bones in your feet become inflamed, and the name sesamoiditis mainly refers to inflammation of the sesamoid bones in your feet and not in the knee.

Sesamoiditis is common among athletes and dancers, developing for overstraining or overworking these tendons, and it is treatable with anti-inflammatories and a bit of rest.

  • Symptoms – The main symptoms of Sesamoiditis include pain under the ball of the foot that build gradually. There may likewise be some bruising and swelling. You may also find it quite difficult to straighten or bend your big toe, and it may hurt when you try to move your big toe. Another symptom noticed is a “pop” sensation in the big toe when you walk.

  • Causes – Sesamoiditis is usually caused by overuse of the tendons involved in these small bones. Dancing and athletic activities such as running are two of the most likely causes that you will find.

  • Risk Factors – Repeated trauma and high heels or ill fitting shoes are risk factors when it comes to sesamoiditis. High impact sports and activities that requires placing much pressure on the balls of your feet are also very likely causes.

Sesamoiditis Treatment

One thing is sure, sesamoiditis is not a very severe condition and is easily treated and prevented;

  • Orthotics and Medications – Anti-Inflammatory pain medication is ideal to use for the pain and inflammation. A padded insole for the forefoot area of the shoe, and taping the big toe can likewise help to ease the symptoms.

  • Lifestyle Changes – The first step is to avoid activities that are causing the condition in the first place and taking some rest. If the cause is high heels or ill fitting shoes, it is high time that you ditch those and find proper fitting, comfortable and supportive shoes.

  • Surgery – Surgery is your last and most extreme option, left for very severe cases, which are quite rare in turn. With surgery one of the Sesamoid bones are simply removed to reduce the inflammation and issues caused.

Features of a Good Sesamoiditis Shoe

  • A Foam or EVA midsole that is slightly firmer and more supportive.
  • Ample cushioning in the forefoot area and good arch support.
  • Breathable and comfortable fitting uppers.
  • A roomy toe box that you can spread your toes out in.
  • Durable and shock absorbing high traction rubber outsole.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Sesamoiditis

Below are your best choices in shoes if you have Sesamoiditis;

This model from New balance has orthopedic comfort features for conditions such as sesamoiditis.
Top Features:

  • A designated A5500 diabetic shoe, which is perfect for Neuropathy and Sesamoiditis.
  • Soft and supple leather uppers available in wider fit options.
  • A durable rubber outsole for good traction.
  • Comfortable cushioned and smooth interior linings and insole.

1 Sesamoiditis Walking Shoes

The Brooks Addiction V-Strap walking shoe has all the fantastic features of the Brooks Addiction and also features a more adaptable hook and loop Velcro fastening system.

Top Features:

  • Comfortable and lightweight leather uppers with a roomy toe box and extra depth.
  • Smooth and moisture wicking interior linings.
  • A cushioned insole for comfort.
  • Slight stability features and a shock absorbing midsole.
  • Highly durable rubber outsole.
  • features an adaptable and customizable hook and loop fastening system.

2 Hook and Loop Fastening Sesamoiditis Shoe

When you need to kick off your shoes and slip into a comfortable pair pf slipper, I highly recommend the Dr. Comfort Marla and Carter, for leisure wear at home.

Top Features:

  • An extra depth and volume design, to accommodate swollen feet, foot deformities, and allow you the use of your own orthotics.
  • The Lycra uppers are durable, flexible, smooth and comfortable against the skin.
  • A vlecro strap closure for the best fit.
  • Comes with a free pair of Gel Plus cooling cushioned insoles.
  • A thick rubber outsole which is durable and offers exceptional grip.

3 Slipper Shoes for Sesamoiditis

Crocs, in general, are one of the most comfortable and lightweight shoes that you will find, and they are a superb choice for many foot conditions including Sesamoiditis.
Top Features:

  • Features Synthetic uppers and a roomy toe area.
  • Crosslite material that is soft and spongy for lasting comfort is used in the shoe.
  • Two strap construction that is, ideal for casual and leisurewear.
  • The open design with ventilation holes keeps your feet cool and moisture free.

4 Casual Sandals for Sesamoiditis

You simply cannot go wrong with the Orthofeet Celina, if you suffer from any foot condition, arthritis, diabetes or Sesamoiditis.

Top Features:

  • This shoe offers an extra depth design and roomy toe box.
  • A Non-Binding full grain leather upper design with a soft and smooth fabric lining and foam padding to eliminate pressure points and improve comfort and protection for people with sesamoiditis and sensitive feet.
  • There is a multi-layered, removable orthotic insole with anatomical arch support and a gel padded heel seat to reduce pain related to many foot conditions and symptoms of Sesamoiditis.
  • Lightweight and supportive cushioning and excellent shock absorbency.
  • Available in wide and extra wide options.
  • Available in black and eggshell white colors.

5 Orthopedic Sesamoiditis Dress Shoes

The Brooks Dyad is one of the best available running shoes for sesamoiditis and many other foot affecting ailments and conditions.

Top Features:

  • Soft mesh uppers that do not put any pressure on the feet, and that are very lightweight and breathable.
  • The rubber sole features Omega Flex grooves for more natural forefoot movement and fluidity as well as advanced grip on many surfaces.
  • Enjoy the lightweight foam cushioning with the removable insole.
  • Features additional BioMoGo DNA technology, for energy returning cushioning.
  • A full-length S-257 Cushsole midsole that absorbs shock and is highly flexible.
  • The heel crash pad absorbs shock and ensures smoother transitions.

6 Running Shoe for Sesamoiditis

Index Table: Top Rated Shoes for Sesamoiditis

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 New Balance - Sesamoiditis Walking Shoes
New Balance 90
2 Brooks - Hook and Loop Fastening Sesamoiditis Shoe
Addiction V-Strap
Addiction V-Strap
Brooks 90
3 Dr. Comfort - Slipper Shoes for Sesamoiditis
Dr. Comfort 90
4 Crocs - Casual Sandals for Sesamoiditis
Crocs 90
5 Orthofeet - Orthopedic Sesamoiditis Dress Shoes
Avery island
Orthofeet 90
6 Brooks - Running Shoe for Sesamoiditis
Dyad 9
Dyad 9
Brooks 90

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