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Best Oxford Shoes For Women

You want to make a statement when you walk into a room. Whether you are attending a wedding, starting a new job, or going out for a night on the town, the shoe you wear defines you.

Oxford shoes first appeared in Ireland and Scotland. The shoes were then called Balmoral; since then, the shoe brand has expanded and became more and more popular across Europe and was quickly renamed after the popular Oxford University. These shoes came to the United States shortly after the renaming and have been around since the 1800s. Today they are still popular shoes for men and women alike.

You may have heard of Oxfords, but you may not know exactly what they are and what makes them different.

What are Oxfords?

Originally, Oxfords were very plain leather shoes that were designed for primarily formal occasions. Oxfords have grown and evolved over time to become a larger range of suitable footwear for formal, casual, and uniform wear. Oxfords now are made from a variety of materials and are normally in solid earth tones or patterned colors.

What’s the Word on Oxfords?

There are a couple of characteristics that make Oxford shoes different from other brands. However, the most defining characteristic is the lacing. The shoelace eyelet tabs are under the vamp in a lacing style that is called closed lacing, whereas all other types of shoes are open lacing. Another primary lacing characteristic is that the lacing comes down in a V shape.

Oxford shoes were the go-to shoe for those who were trying to find both comfort and quality in a shoe. Women have come to love these shoes because they are made of high-quality materials, they are stylish, and they are comparable to more expensive, high-class brands. The closed lacing and the exposed ankle make these the ideal shoes to be worn with any attire.

Oxfords Making a Fashion Statement

Along with many other types of shoes, Oxfords trend highly in women’s fashion. Though Oxfords are often associated with men’s formal wear, these shoes have much diversity when it comes to women. There are types of Oxfords that fit any woman’s clothing style.

Jeans – These pants pair well with flat Oxford. Whether you wear skinny jeans, cropped, rolled, or any other type of jeans, most Oxfords can help to elevate those jeans to a higher status than just casual.

Casual/Dress Pants – These pants work well with Oxfords with flare. You can use a flat Oxford that has a pattern or multiple colors to help elevate the look. Even shiny Oxfords work well with the right pants.

Dresses/ Skirts – Oxfords are adventurous to wear with a dress or skirt. Though this primarily masculine style has made a mark on women’s fashion, there are some more feminine options. You can go with flats or lower heels that have lace to elevate the femininity or choose a metallic finish to Oxford.

The primary features of the Oxfords are what sets them apart from other shoe types.

  • Closed lacing
  • Low or moderate heals
  • Low cuts that expose the ankle
  • Cap toe as a mainstream Oxford Style
  • Transitional from casual to formal

Reviews: The Best Oxfords for Women

Here you will find some of the best and most comfortable Oxford shoes for women.


DADAWEN Women's Platform Lace-Up Wingtips Square Toe Oxfords Shoe Black US Size 7.5/Asia Size 39/24.5cm - Women's Favorite Oxfords

The DADAWEN women’s platform lace-up shoes are desirable because they are designed to be classy and comfortable to wear all day long. These shoes are designed to take your style beyond what you thought possible and elevate you to a new level of style.

Top Features:

  • It is made with genuine leather and rubber soles for durability.
  • Water-resistant with a British brogue kind of design.
  • The lining can be a bright and fun flower that is leather and add to your fashion.
  • It has a lightweight design that offers excellent support and elasticity.
  • The whole shape of the shoe is made for any occasion.

Best Choice NO. 1

Dr. Martens Women's 1461 W Oxford,Black Patent,3 UK/5 M US - Array

Dr. Martens Women's 1461 W Oxford,Black Patent,3 UK/5 M US
5,031 Reviews

Dr. Martens are the stuff that legends are made of. These shoes are designed with walking, style, and comfort in mind. These shoes have been around for many decades and never go out of fashion. Dr. Martens make you feel taller and walk with more confidence because they are a timeless shoe that goes well with any casual wear.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with 100% genuine leather that is imported.
  • The synthetic soles are air-cushioned, making walking much easier.
  • The low heal is ideal for long – term wear and is completely water-resistant.
  • The trademark sole is distinctive by its stitching and sleek shiny leather.
  • These shoes were designed for timeless wear and versatility.

Runner Up NO. 2

ECCO Women's Incise Tailored Wing Tip Oxford Flat, Dune, 4-4.5 - Putting an Emphasis on Comfort

ECCO Women's Incise Tailored Wing Tip Oxford Flat, Dune, 4-4.5
46 Reviews

These ECCO women’s incise have a unique and quirky design that makes these ladies’ slip-on Oxfords, trendy addition to any woman’s shoe collection. The modern men-inspired style combines with rich leather making it exceptionally comfortable and durable. These shoes are fashion-forward and add class to any outfit.

Top Features:

  • It is made of imported genuine leather that is accented by a synthetic sole.
  • This low range of shoes has a moderate heel that is ideal for most foot types.
  • The clever engineering of the sole made it completely flexible.
  • Modern-wing tipped design has minimal stiffness with a neat and soft look to them.
  • These shoes can be worn in both formal and casual settings with the right clothes.

NO. 3

LifeStride Women's PALOMA Boot, black, 5.5 M US - Comfortable All Day Wear

LifeStride Women's PALOMA Boot, black, 5.5 M US
2,495 Reviews

These CLARKS women Sharon shoes have a minimal design that makes them classy and exceptionally elegant. Experience what it is like to have optimal comfort in a timeless design that makes these oxfords the most comfortable shoe with everyday wear in mind. No matter what type of feet you have, these shoes are made to be worn by anyone.

Top Features:

  • It is designed with genuine 100% leather that is imported.
  • It has a synthetic sole that has targeted cushioning for optimal comfort.
  • Made with Ortholite footbeds that help to keep your feet cool all day.
  • The clean lines that are accented by the sophisticated detailing add unique craftsmanship.
  • The lightweight wedge bottom is made for continuous wear.

NO. 4

Mona flying Women's Leather Perforated Lace-up Oxfords Brogue Wingtip Derby Shoes Grey - Derby Saddle Shoes for Girls ladis Women

These Mona flying Oxfords are designed to be good company all day long as they support every step you take with the best possible wearing experience. These handcrafted shoes have a brilliant design that will captivate you and match up with any quirky style sense that you can come up with. These shoes are brilliant and have a classic oxford look that makes them versatile.

Top Features:

  • The luxury leather upper has brogue sophistication that is chic and superior wear.
  • The soft lining is leather, irremovable, and fully breathable for lasting comfort.
  • Classic Oxford heel that is low and offers you an elegant look.
  • The rubber soles are durable and ensure stability with every step.
  • Each detail is hand-measured and crafted in every shoe.

NO. 5

FRYE Women's Erica Oxford, Taupe, 8.5 M US - Women's Contemporary & Designer Shoes

The FRYE women’s Erica Oxford is timeless in style and comfort. A fashionable oxford that is designed for everyday use, whether you are walking, working, or running errands. Comfort was the goal of these shoes, and that goal was met by leaps and bounds. These shoes are the best shoes to wear every day and all day long.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with 100% genuine leather that is imported and extremely soft.
  • The inner lining is made of soft leather that is breathable and contours the foot comfortably.
  • Rubber soles ensure the stability and durability of this shoe for long-term wear.
  • The low heal and the closed lacing are classic oxfords with elegance.
  • It comes in many different earth tones for the right fit.

NO. 6

Rollie Women's Derby Snow Leopard Print, Spots Haircalf Oxfords White Flat Shoes for Women with Laces, Size 7 US / 38 EU - Comfort Travel Walking Shoe

The Rollie Women’s Lightweight Derby Oxfords are the ideal shoe for adding a pop of playfulness into any style. These shoes make a bold statement and speak for themselves. Wear these shoes with solid colors and enjoy the attention they bring to you with every step you take.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with extremely comfortable memory foam inners.
  • The footbed is removable for the flexibility of inset orthotics.
  • The premium leather is soft and durable as it conforms to your feet.
  • The canvas is breathable, and the lining helps to keep your toes fresh.
  • Weighing less than 20g, these shoes are optimal for travel and all-day wear.

NO. 7

Cat Footwear Women's Tally Oxford,Dark Brown,10,M - Casual All Day Wear

The Caterpillar Oxford combines a classic style with optimal comfort that makes these Oxfords the best shoe for everyday wear. The style is unique and can be worn with any casual outfit. These shoes will demand attention without pushing for it because they make a statement naturally.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with genuine leather that is imported and very soft.
  • The synthetic rubber sole offers support and flexibility.
  • Feel as though your feet are fully supported by the cement construction.
  • The design is trendy and cutting edge, making these shoes fashion-forward.
  • Inside the lining is soft and breathable, allowing for the right amount of airflow.

NO. 8

Dansko Women's Fallon Oxford Flat, Black Burnished Nubuck, 38 M EU (7.5-8 US) - Optimal arch support and cushioning

The Dansko Women’s Fallon Oxford is a lace-up that has advanced fashionable technology that combines both comfort and classic styles in one versatile shoe. These shoes are the epitome of fashion and comfort. These shoes suit any outfit you can come up with without taking away from it.

Top Features:

  • They are designed with stain-protected leather uppers that are soft and foot contouring.
  • The molded EVA footbed is both removable and made with unique natural arch technology.
  • The outsole is designed for long term wear as it is rubber and cushioning.
  • The platform measures 0.5 inches and is made to be durable and wear-resistant.
  • The heel of this shoe is minimal and optimally sized for continuous walking.

Benefits of Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes bring with them years of innovation in footwear. These shoes bring many benefits to the table, and that is why these shoes have lasted for centuries.

  • Oxfords are made of leather. Leather is form-fitting, conforming, and naturally comfortable compared to many synthetic materials.
  • Comfort is the primary goal of Oxfords. Just look at history, and you can see how these shoes have adapted towards comfort.
  • Fashions change and styles come and go; Oxfords have developed, grown, and molded to match fashion statements.
  • These shoes are classy. Oxfords can turn even the most casual outfit and elevate it to look more formal and elegant.

Final Thoughts

Oxford shoes are designed to give you the most desirable comfort and style that you could possibly want. Though these shoes were primarily for men, women’s fashion has adapted these classic shoes to suit a variety of styles.

The most important feature to think about when it comes to Oxford shoes is how comfortable and long-lasting they are.

Index Table: Top-Rated Oxfords Shoes for Women

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