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Types of Shoes

Read the latest shoes reviews on the topic of Types of Shoes by our team of expert reviewers.

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Best Shoes for Long Dresses

Best Shoes for Long Dresses

Long dresses particularly maxi dresses and skirts are the type of clothing that accentuates a woman’s femininity and female charm. There are a few basic know-how on wearing a long dress or skirt to look your best wherever you are. Long dresses can be…
Trail walking feature

Best Trail Walking Shoes

Trail Walking or Running is basically just running or walking on more obstacle-ridden and adverse paths or tracks. Slip and trip hazards are the most likely dangers when it comes to Trail walking, as you have the chance of walking on wet,…
Gore-Tex feature

Best Gore-Tex Lined Women’s Shoes

If you are someone who lives anywhere where rain and wet conditions are the norms, then Gore-Tex will be your best friend. Gore-Tex Waterproof Linings are most definitely the most effective and comfortable waterproof linings that you will find, anywhere. Short on time?…
Gray and Pink Monk Shoes

Best Monk Shoes for Women

Monk shoes or Monk Strap shoes as they are more commonly known were originally designed for men, although they have gained much more popularity among women. Monk shoes can either have a single strap, or two straps, which usually come with a buckle. Short…