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Best Running Shoes for Kids

There are so many fun designs in kids shoes today. Shoes with flashing lights, squeakers, vibrant colors and patterns, superheroes splashed all over them, brands, and even no name brands. These are all great, but if your child enjoys running, and you would like them to advance in this sport, then a proper running shoe will be required.

Why Your Child Needs Special Running Shoes to Run

Buying shoes for adults and teenagers, especially when it comes to running shoes is not such a daunting task, yet when it comes to decent fitting athletic footwear for children under 12 it is not quite as simple as it seems.

You will need to consider when and how your child will wear their shoes and also keep the growth factor in mind, as younger children outgrow their shoes much faster than teenagers, who have a more stable foot size.

The most important consideration in any shoe, whether for running or even just casual wear for younger children is the FIT, and then, of course, there is your budget, and what it allows for a growing child.

First and foremost, you need to realize that your child CANNOT run in sandals, boots or general casual shoes, this is not good for their performance, or the health of their feet.

Considerations in a Running Shoe for Children

A comfortable and well fitting pair of running shoes is very important for a young child with delicate growing feet. Shoes that are chosen according to a few basic criteria’s can help your athletic child perform well and prevent foot injuries such as muscle and tendon tears, as well as fractures.

  • Quality – The quality of the running shoe for your child is very important, as you want something that is durable and will last them some time. For Quality you need to look at the materials of the shoes, I would highly recommend rather avoiding synthetic materials, as these are less durable and tend to hold sweat and odor. Rather opt for suede, canvas, and leather, with a rubber outsole.

  • Arch Support – For Children with a lower or flat arch look for a flexible shoe with a controlled motion, a sturdy heel counter, and a firm foam layer in the midsole. For a Higher arch, a good shock absorbing running shoe is required with a cushioned midsole and flexibility. A neutral arch type can wear any type of shoe.

  • Weight – Weight is yet another vital aspect in kids running shoes. If you have a child on the heavier side, a more stable and heavier shoe is required. For lighter shoes, they are usually better when it comes to long-distance running and walking.

  • Width – The width of the shoe will depend on the shape of your child’s foot. Luckily today most running shoes come in different width options, even for children.

  • Length – Try to avoid a shoe that is too tight, make sure that there is around the space of a fingertip between your child’s longest toe and the front end of the shoe.

  • Size – The size is just as important, though you do not want shoes that are slipping around causing blisters always opt for a size slightly larger for growing little feet. This can initially be accommodated with thicker socks or and insole.

Features of a Good Kids Running Shoe

  • Lightweight and breathable uppers form Suede Leather or mesh materials.
  • A durable rubber outsole, that offers good grip and good traction on multiple surfaces for running..
  • Arch specific arch support and motion control for flat feet.
  • Cushioning.
  • Shock absorbing midsole, to protect feet, knees, and hips against impact.
  • Flexible design that moves with your child’s feet and is ideal for many activities and running.
  • Correct fit, that is not to tight and not too snug, with a few millimeters of extra length from the tip of the big toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Colorful designs, patterns, and colors that are fun for children to wear.
  • size availability for children, young kids, and older children.
  • different width options.

Reviews: The Best Running Shoes for Kids

Here is a list of the most sought after and top rated running shoes for children today;

A lightweight and well cushioned running shoes form Asics, the Gel Venture 7 GS is available in big kid and little kid size options to choose from.
Top Features:

  • A durable rubber outsole.
  • <strong<rearfoot gel cushioning, For shock absorbency and heel protection.
  • A comfortable high rebound cushioned Ortholite sock liner.
  • Excellent moisture management and odor resistance.
  • Comfortable and breathable mesh and synthetic uppers, to keep small feet cool and dry.

1 Kids Running Shoes

The Stride Rite Play Artin is an all around running, playing and casual wearing shoe for little boys and girls.

Top Features:

  • Comes in toddler, little kid and big kid size options to select from.
  • Durable genuine leather and mesh uppers that are lightweight and highly breathable.
  • A thick and cushioning rubber outsole.
  • Velcro strap closure for an adjustable fit.
  • Non-marking outsole tread.
  • Easily washable materials.
  • Comfortable and flexible design.

2 Kids Running Shoes

A stylish and comfy two tone color shoe for boys and girls available in a few colors to choose from.

Top Features:

  • Genuine leather and textile uppers with two Velcro closure straps.
  • A durable and high traction rubber sole with a low profile heel.
  • water resistant and run0Shield technology, For protection and durability.
  • Lined with an antimicrobial treated lining to keep odors and bacteria away from little feet.
  • Comfortable and shock absorbing EVA Midsole.

3 Kids Stylish Running Shoes

The Nike revolution is available in a few color design options for both girls and boys and has a very minimal and breathable, lightweight design.

Top Features:

  • Available in sizes for younger children only.
  • Textile an synthetic uppers from lightweight mesh and synthetic overlays.
  • Minimal design with lightweight foam cushioning and a toe tip design.
  • A cushioned heel and lower profile with soft IP foam beneath the feet.
  • Reliable grip with the High traction durable rubber outsole.

4 Revolution Running Shoes for Kids


Asics GT-1000 7

ASICS - Unisex-Child Gt-1000 7 Gs Shoes, 3.5 M US Big Kid, Color: Race Blue/Neon Lime
111 Reviews

Top Features:

  • Some lovely colors available for boys and girls to choose from.
  • Impact Guidance system and Guidance Midsole Line technology to improve running performance.
  • Cushioned and shock absorbing EVA midsole.
  • A lightweight sole with Trusstic technology for better structural stability.
  • SPEVA Foam 45 lasting, heel and full length cushioning.
  • Durable high traction and lower profile rubber outsole.

5 Kids Running Shoes

Index Table: Top Rated Running Shoes for Kids

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Asics - Kids Running Shoes
Gel Venture 7 GS
Gel Venture 7 GS
Asics 90
2 Stride Rite - Kids Running Shoes
Play Artin
Play Artin
Stride Rite 90
3 Saucony - Kids Stylish Running Shoes
Saucony 90
4 Nike - Revolution Running Shoes for Kids
Nike 90
5 Asics - Kids Running Shoes
GT-1000 7
Asics GT-1000 7
Asics 90

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