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Best Shoes for Crossfit

Cross Fit is a comprehensive physical exercise regime as well as a competitive type of sport that incorporates many elements of sports and exercise routines and high-intensity functional movements.

Because Cross Fit training has so many different elements and fitness requirements, you will need a specialized shoe to provide you with optimal support and injury protection.

Short on time? Here’s a summary of the Best Shoes We Found:

Cross Fit Training and Its Benefits

Cross Fit routines consist of varied high-intensity and highly functional movements, which can coach people of all shapes and sizes, as well as fitness levels to improve their overall health and physical well-being, as well as cardiovascular fitness, in a more hardcore and challenging environment.

The definition of Cross Fit training claims that Cross Fit is a highly functional strength and conditioning training program combining different varieties of exercise routines and sports types at high-intensity levels. Cross Fit is a form of training used for many individuals and institutions such as the police academies, tactical operations teams, military teams, martial artists, and many professional athletes and sportsmen and women.
All in all Cross Fit training, no matter how hardcore and extensive, holds many superb benefits for you as an individual;

  • Physical Strength Enhancement – The High-Intesity and Multiple-Joint movements involved in a Cross Fit Training program greatly improves your overall physical strength and endurance. You will likewise gain muscle, burn fat and strengthen your core muscles.

  • Improves Aerobic Fitness – The High intensity power training involved in Cross Fit will help you to increase the maximum amount of oxygen you can utilize during training, which is effective to improve your aerobic fitness levels.

  • Improves Balance, flexibility, and Agility – The functional movements that you perform during Cross Fit training mimic everyday life movements just at higher intensities, thus improving your BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY, and AGILITY.

  • Burns Calories – A Cross Fit regimen will help you to burn plenty of calories and lose that extra weight fast, and keep it off.

Cross Fit Training Safety and Precautions

Cross Fit is a high-intensity form of training, which therefore holds its fair amount of risks and injuries such as lower back pain, Achilles Tenditintis, and knee injuries, and therefore performing the routines correctly and wearing appropriate Cross Fit training shoes is very important.

Features of a Good Shoe for Cross Fit Training

  • Functionality – Any Cross Fit shoe should have little to no drop from the toe to the heel and have a uniform flat sole design.

  • Lightweight Cosntruction – Look for lightweight construction and materials when choosing a Cross Fit training shoe as you need the least possible weight on your feet.

  • Strength and Durability – Look for shoes that are solid, high quality and that are durable as this is an exercise routine that will take its toll on your shoes.

  • Breathability – Lightweight and breathable uppers are ideal to keep your feet cool and free from moisture build up.

  • Comfort – Some cushioning although not too much and smooth interior linings, as well as a snug but not to a tight fit, will provide you with enough comfort.

  • Support – Slight grip in the outsole, and some stability features and arch support for your arch type is about all the support you need in a Cross Fit shoe.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Cross Fit Training

Below are some of your top options when it comes to high performance and comfortable Cross Fit Training shoes;

For Cross Fit training in which there are more weight lifting and heavy duty routines involved I highly recommend the Adidas Powerlift Cross Fit training sneaker.

Top Features:

  • The rubber outsole has a lower profile and is much more durable and high gripping which is perfect for weight lifting.
  • Flexible and breathable forefoot design, for stability and better placement of your feet.
  • A lace up feature and additional closure strap.
  • A lightweight stability midsole design.

1 Cross Fit Training Shoes

The Metcon 4 XD is one of Nikes latest innovation in cross training and Cross Fit training shoes that are lightweight, supportive and quite durable.

The Metcon 4 XD from like is one of their latest innovations in cross-training and Cross Fit shoes.

Top Features:

  • The uppers consist of breathable mesh that is lightweight, with Flywire cabling and integrated laces for a secure and dynamic fit.
  • A low profile heel ideal for weight lifting and a thin web of rubber stretching from the durable rubber outsole to the midsole for reinforcement.
  • There is a drop in the midsole and a flexible forefoot for easier movement.
  • Cushioned and moisture wicking insole to keep your feet dry and comfortable.

2 Cross Fit Training Shoes

The Gel Craze 4 from Asics is one of the top Asics models that is ideal for Cross Fit Training as well as cross training in general.

Top Features:

  • Durable and breathable synthetic uppers with mesh insets and synthetic leather overlays for structural stability.
  • Fuze Gel I the midsole, which offers better cushioning and lightweight bounceback energy return.
  • An AHAR high abrasion resistant outsole from durable rubber offering good traction on multiple surfaces.
  • SPEVA and EVA durable cushioning system.

3 Cross Fit Training Shoes

The under armor Charged Ultimate and Escape are two highly durable and high performance Cross Fit training shoes for individuals with a neutral arch type that need neutral support.

Top Features:

  • Synthetic uppers construction that is flexible, breathable and lightweight.
  • A durable rubber outsole that offers superb traction.
  • A firm extrenal heel counter, for additional support and stability.
  • A Comfort cushioned sockliner that also wicks away moisture, with additional padding in the heel for shock absorbency.

Index Table: Top Rated Cross Fit Training Shoes

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Nike - Cross Fit Training Shoes
Metcon 4 XD
Nike 90
2 Asics - Cross Fit Training Shoes
Gel Craze TR 4
Metcon 4 XD
Asics 82
3 Under Armor - Cross Fit Training Shoes
Charged Ultimate 3
Gel Craze TR 4
Under Armor 90

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