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Boxing Shoes FEATURE

Best Boxing Shoes for Women

Generally, Boxing is considered to be a more aggressive sport that is unfeminine and more related to men.
Yet, in spite of the stereotype, boxing has become more popular among women and is no longer seen as only a men’s sport.

Many top models and other women are taking up Boxing as a workout regime, because of its many health, physical and mental benefits.

While your Boxing Gloves will be one of the most important pieces of equipment, the shoes that you wear may have a huge effect on your speed, agility, and comfort levels, in turn.

Therefore proper Boxing shoes are a must, if you are planning on taking up Boxing regularly.

Benefits of Boxing for Women

There are so many benefits to Boxing for women, below are only a few;

Physical Benefits

It is undeniable that Boxing helps women to build a strong and well-toned body that is tough and has stamina.

Mental Health

Boxing gives you superb confidence and a feeling of well being that radiates throughout you. Your body will become toned and slim, making you look good as well as feel great.

Then again, boxing also aids in relieving stress significantly and gives you something to release your energy and aggression on, freeing you from all mental hurdles.

Getting Into Shape

The core workout, whether Sparring, or practicing on punching bags, is incredible to get your body into shape, especially flattening your stomach.

Boxing is likewise better than any other form of cardio workout to lose weight, and tone, while it also increases your levels of stamina and strength.

Better Posture

Practicing Boxing improves your posture immensely, which can aid to eliminate back pain and other spinal conditions.

Improved Reflex and Coordination

Boxing has the ability to improve your Reflexes, as well as Hand-Eye Coordination greatly. This improves your reaction and speed of movement, which can in turn, help with other sports and activities.

Self Defence Skills

I probably do not have to tell you this, but with Boxing practice you will be able to hand out a mean punch, and effectively defend yourself in a critical situation.

Fat Burning

Lastly, boxing most definitely burns plenty of calories and fat, as it is a high energy, and strenuous workout.

Choosing the Best Boxing Shoe

Choosing the Best Shoes for Boxing should not be too difficult a task, here are a few steps to follow;

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes - Black/Gold - Size 14 (48.5) 4 of 6

  • Do not use Wrestling shoes for boxing, these are acceptable when you are a beginner, but not recommended for pro Boxers or seasoned Boxers.
  • You have the choice between a high top or low top boxing shoe, the low top allows faster movement, though the high top offers better ankle support.
  • A shoe that is as lightweight as possible is ideal.
  • Good grip is likewise important, so look for a durable rubber outsole.
  • Breathability is a must, leather or suede shoes are a good option in this case.
  • Make sure that the size is correct, keeping in mind that boxing shoes are more narrow and tight fitting than regular shoes.
  • Make sure there is nothing on or in the shoe that may become an annoyance, such as a stage, uncomfortable arch, or even chafing lining.

Great Features to Look for in a Boxing Shoe


  • Durable and lightweight construction and materials.
  • Suede or leather uppers that are lightweight and breathable.
  • Good Arch Support.
  • Slight Cushioning.
  • A Lightweight Heel.
  • Good Forefoot shock absorbency or cushioning.
  • Flexible and snug fit.
  • Durable high traction Rubber outsole.
  • High Top for ankle support, Low Top for speed.

Reviews: The Best Boxing Shoes

Here are a few Highly recommended shoe brands and models for Boxing at all levels and forms;


VENUM Elite Boxing Shoes - Black/Gold - Size 14 (48.5) - High Top Boxing Shoes

A sleek and snug fitting Boxing shoe for both beginners and experts in the Boxing arena, with a few stunning color option designs and plenty of comfort and performance enhancing features.

Top Features:

  • A High Top Sneaker ideal for Boxing of all levels and stages.
  • Features Tr-Material uppers with a Glossy Patent leather and PU leather Flex, as well as Honeycomb Mesh construction, which offers ideal flexibility, and breathability along with an appealing style.
  • The rubber outsole is designed to offer the best in traction and grip in the areas you need it the most, along with optimal stability and long-lasting durability for regular practice routines.
  • An anatomically designed insole ensures that your feet get all the support and comfort that they may need to prevent foot fatigue and injuries.
  • The insole is bonded which aids in preventing slippage and chafing.
  • Available in solid black, with patent Leather; GOLD, SILVER, RED, BLACK and WHITE webbing to choose from.

Best Choice NO. 1

Reebok Women's Boot Boxing Shoe, Black/White, 7.5 M US - Boot Style Boxing Shoe

Reebok is a very well know and trusted sports brand that is popular among many sportsmen and women in a variety of sports types.

The Boxing Boot for women is designed to specifically fit the fragile contours of a woman’s foot, while providing exceptional ankle protection and stability.

Top Features:

  • The Rubber outsole is thick and shock absorbing, while ensuring excellent traction.
  • The rubber outsole is likewise a white color at the bottom and skid-resistant and non-marking.
  • The textile uppers are made from breathable and lightweight mesh with white patterns and strengthening suede webbing.
  • There is a full lace up system as well as a mid shoe Velcro strap to give you less slipping and a more snug and secure fit.
  • Comes in only one solid Black color with white trimming.

Runner Up NO. 2

PUMA Women's TAZON 6 FM Cross Training Sneaker, Puma Black-Puma Silver-Beetroot Purple, 8.5 - Cross Trainer for Boxing

The Puma Tazon 6 is ideally a Cross training shoe meant for extreme sports and training, which also makes it the perfect shoe for Boxing and Training.

The unique slim fitting and flexible design, with the shock absorbing and high traction rubber outsole offer you the perfect solution, in a low profile Boxing shoe.

Top Features:

  • Flexible and supple synthetic leather uppers for stability with breathable fabric and perforation holes.
  • A durable and high traction rubber outsole that offer exceptional grip on slippery and hard surfaces.
  • There is a TPU shank to improve stability and support.
  • The ECO Ortholite sockliner ensures an optimal fit, superior breathability and flexibility, along with comfortable moisture wicking capabilities.
  • Available in black or white color options with neon color trimmings for you to choose from.

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