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Best Shoes for Tennis

The Tennis Shoe is designed to essentially give you, the tennis player the best grip and traction on the cour, along with the most comfortable and supportive fit that will move with you and protect you from injuries.

What is so Special About Tennis Shoes

Back in the day the original tennis shoe consisted of a thick rubber sole and canvas uppers, these hard rubber soles offered good traction and stability to the wearer, however there was not much additional comfort and support features.

Tennis is a game of quick stops and starts with short sprints and very frequent lateral movements involved, that you play on a hard court, therefore you need specific tennis shoes. Running and walking shoes only provide support features for repetitive forward motion and not for lateral movements. A specialized tennis shoe offers cushioning and impact protection as well as stability, flexibility and support feature to accommodate fast jerking movements and lateral movements.

Choosing the Best Tennis Shoe

Before you choose a tennis Shoe, here are a few considerations to keep in mind;

  • Playing Style – You need to choose a shoe that complements your playing style. If you are a baseline player and play primarily at the backline of the court, you will need a very durable tennis shoe that provides ample lateral support. However, if you are a Serve and Volley player who frequently likes to charge the net, you will tend to slide your back foot along the court, thus requiring a shoe with a durable toe cap or reinforced toe and a medial inside the arch area for support.

  • Court Surface Type – The type of Court surface you play ib will have an impact on your tennis shoe type. A Hard Court surface is tough on your shoes and feet, so you will need good impact resistance, and shock absorbency, as well as a very durable shoe with a durable sole. For a softer or Clay court type a non-damaging traction outsole is all that you need. In the case of Multi-Court situation where you may play on both hard and soft court types, opt for a tennis shoe with a design specifically aimed at Multi Court play.

  • Foot Type and Fit – Our feet are unique and need unique support and comfort features, so before you decide on a tennis shoe get some advice so that you can establish your foot type, and whether you pronate or not. There are three arch types, low, neutral and high, and two types of pronation, overpronation where your feet roll inward excessively, and supination where they roll outward excessively. Once you have established your foot type category you can choose a shoe that provides the maximum support and comfort for your specific foot requirements. For Overpronators a stabilizing or motion control shoe is required, for underpronation or supination, you will need a more flexible shoe. A neutral arch can wear almost any type of shoe, while a higher arch needs arch support and more cushioning. A low or fallen arch, however, will require stability and motion control, as well as less cushioning.

Features of a Good Shoe for Tennis

  • Breathable and lightweight textile and synthetic uppers with a secure lace up system.
  • Stability and motion control features for those who pronate excessively.
  • Good arch and medial support.
  • Shock absorbency in the heel and midsole.
  • Slight cushioning.
  • Flexible design.
  • Lateral support.
  • High traction tread.
  • Tread specifically for a hard or soft court, or multi-court.
  • Moisture wicking interior linings.

Reviews: The Best Shoes for Tennis

Here are our best choices when it comes to Tennis shoes, from beginners to professionals;

From Adidas, we have their very popular Gamecourt model, which offers a regular and comfortable fit and a Cloudfoam cushioned midsole.

Top Features:

  • Textile and synthetic uppers that offer a regular fit and that is highly lightweight and breathable.
  • There is TPU reinforcement in the uppers for better durability and support.
  • Adituf abrasion resistant toe and an Adiwear heavy duty rubber outsole.
  • Features the popular Cloudfoam midsole, For a step in comfort and cushioning.
  • Available in different shades of grey, black and white color options.

1 Tennis Shoes

The Gel Dedicate 6 that Asic ofeers is another superb tennis shoe model that will ensure you full match comfort and support.

Top Features:

  • Breathable mesh and textile uppers with a secure lace up closure.
  • A Forefoot GEL cushioning system that attenuates shock and allows for smooth midstance transitioning.
  • There is a Trusstic system to reduce the weight of the sole while improving structural integrity.
  • A solid rubber outsole, with a high traction tread.

2 Tennis Shoes

The Air Zoom Vapor X is the latest in the tennis range from Nike and offers a lightweight glove like fit as well as responsive cushioning and shock absorbency.

Top Features:

  • Flexible and breathable textile and synthetic uppers for a lightweight like fit.
  • The Dynamic fit system ensures a glove like fit.
  • A Zoom Air Unit, for better low profile cushioning and responsive bounce back.
  • A Midfoot shank for lateral support and added stability.
  • The padded collar protects your ankles and heel.
  • A Phylon midsole ensures lightweight responsive cushioning and superb shock absorbency.
  • High traction durable rubber outsole.
  • Available in a large variety of color and prints to choose from.

3 Tennis Shoes

Enjoy lightweight cushioned comfort and superb shock absorbency with the Asics Gel Challenger nr 12, which is the latest in their Ge Challenger tennis shoe range, and a top name in the charts.

Top Features:

  • Soft and breathable fabric uppers that offer a snug and comfortable, lightweight fit with a secure lave up system.
  • Inside is a Solyte midsole that is lighter than EVA and SPEVA, yet offers enhanced cushioning and durability.
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning attenuates shock in the heel area, for smoother transitioning into midstance.
  • There is a Trusstic Guidance system for better structural integrity and less weight.
  • A removable Ortholite sockliner provides comfort and cushioning that is adaptable.

4 Tennis Shoes

The Courtjam Bounce model from Adidas is another one f their very popular an well know tennis shoe models, that offers superb bounce back and energy returning cushioning, to help fight foot fatigue on the tennis court.

Top Features:

  • Soft and flexible synthetic and textile uppers designed for better breathability and a more snug and lightweight fit.
  • A Bounce cushioning system for enhanced comfort and flexibility.
  • Offers a regular and comfortable fit with a secure lace up system.
  • An Adituf abrasion resistant toe and Adiwear outsole for high wearing durability.

5 Durable Tennis Shoes

Index Table: Top Rated Tennis Shoes

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Adidas - Tennis Shoes
Adidas 90
2 Asics - Tennis Shoes
Gel Dedicate 6
Gel Dedicate 6
Asics 90
3 Nike - Tennis Shoes
Air Zoom Vapor X
Air Zoom Vapor X
Nike 90
4 Asics - Tennis Shoes
Gel Challenger 12
Gel Challenger 12
Asics 90
5 Adidas - Durable Tennis Shoes
Courtjam Bounce
Courtjam Bounce
Adidas 90

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