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Best Water Shoes for Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a very fun and rewarding activity which benefits from its simplicity and flexibility. Rather than having to haul a boat out to sea and having a heavy bag of scuba gear, you can just grab your snorkel and fins and head down to the beach.

With the lack of bubbles generated by scuba gear, with a snorkel you can get so much closer to marine life and enjoy the clear sight of it.

Why are Watershoes so Handy in General

Beside for Snorkeling, water shoes have so many used and benefits. If you have ever slipped on a pier or stepped on a sharp rock or shell, you will know exactly what I am talking about and will see why water shoes may be necessary.

Here are some of the many reasons and ways where a water shoe can come in handy;

  • Fashion – Maybe one of the least functional reasons but a reason in fact is Fashion. Water Shoes today can resemble anything from a fashionable sandal to a sneaker or even a separated toe athletic shoe or sock. Water shoes come in a vast variety of shapes sizes, patterns, designs, and colors, and can make quite a fashion statement on the beach or by the poolside.

  • Protection – Have you ever stubbed your toe in your flip flops at the beach on the pavement or rocks, or stepped on a sharp rock or shell? Well, a good pair of water shoes will provide you with protection against these hazards, while still remaining lightweight and comfortable on your feet. Plus water shoes are designed to drain water fast and effectively, thus they are excellent to swim with, or snorkel within smaller reefs.

  • Support – Water shoes provide support and stability, particularly if you have a poor arch or foot pain, water shoes can likewise improve your stability on uneven surfaces such as beach sand and rocks.

  • Traction – Most likely the most vital function of water shoes is to protect you from slips and falls. Water shoes have a high grip and high traction sole that is flexible and ensures that you do not slip on slippery rocks and moss or slippery and uneven surfaces, particularly wet surfaces.

  • Durable – Water Shoes are very durable and designed to be used in water and on rough terrain, therefore you can use your water shoes rather than damage your regular shoes.

  • Temperature Control – Water Shoes protect your feet against very hot or cold temperatures both inside and outside of the water.

  • Versatile -If anything Water shoes are versatile, they can be used for boating, fishing, hiking in wet terrain, beachwear, swimming, and even snorkeling.

Why You May Need WaterShoes to Snorkel

Water Shoes are not generally a piece of snorkeling gear, when snorkeling your basic gear consists of your snorkel and your fins for your feet.

Though many individuals claim that the fins hurt their feet so they decide to wear water shoes or sock underneath.

Then there is also the factor of having to walk into the ocean on hazardous sand or rocks that can slip or cut, in this case, a pair of Water shoes can come in handy. Similarly, Water Shoes can be used to snorkel within smaller rock pools or more hazardous areas for protection.

  • Wear Underneath Your Fins – Socks or water shoes are a great way to keep your fins securely in place and to prevent rubbing and chafing that can cause blisters and pain.

  • Entry Into Water – You can use Water Shoes when entering the ocean from the beach or rocky areas that can slip or hold cutting hazards and sharp stones and shells.

  • Climbing – If you are snorkeling in smaller rock areas or pools or cave areas then there will be some climbing on sharp and slippery rocks, this is where your water Shoes will be most advantageous.

Features of a Good Snorkelling Water Shoe

  • Flexible Mesh, polyester and spandex upper variations.
  • Bungee lace up or slip on design.
  • Rubber outsole that is thick and has a lug tread for slip resistance.
  • Smooth and seam free interior.
  • Color and pattern options.
  • Water drainage technology.

Reviews: The Best Water Shoes for Snorkeling

Here are your best choices in Snorkelling Water Shoes;

The Simari is a polyester aqua sock and water shoe that is extremely lightweight and durable. This is the perfect water shoe to wear inside your snorkel fins to protect your feet against chafing and rubbing.

Top Features:

  • Made from breathable and durable polyester.
  • Quick drying and seam free for less irritation.
  • A durable and high traction TPR outsole that is also abrasion resistant.
  • Ideal for all water sports, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • Non-Slip slip resistant design and very flexible.

1 Snorkelling aqua Socks

The CanLeg is a lace up sneaker style water shoe that features a bungee lacing system. This is a fashionable and perfect shoe to wear on the beach or on a boat.

Top Features:

  • Available in many colors and patterns to choose from for men and women.
  • Very elastic uppers with secure bungee lace up system.
  • Th outsole is made from durable rubber with a slip resistant tread.
  • Protection from sharp objects and punctures.
  • High quality stretch fabric uppers that are lightweight, breathable and quick drying.
  • Ideal for use as a water shoe, for dance, yoga and many other sports and functions.

2 Athletic Snorkelling Water Shoes

Index Table: Top Rated Water Shoes for Snorkelling

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Simari - Snorkelling aqua Socks
Simari 90
2 CanLeg - Athletic Snorkelling Water Shoes
Water Shoes
Water Shoes
CanLeg 90

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