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Sport Shoes

Read the latest shoes reviews on the topic of Sport Shoes by our team of expert reviewers.

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Latest Sport Shoes Posts

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes

Women’s Indoor Soccer Shoes

Indoor soccer has become quite a popular sport even among women. Indoor soccer players require a shoe that is a bit different to that of an outdoor soccer shoe; that can perform well on hard and slippery indoor sports floor surfaces. Good…
Boxing Shoes FEATURE

Best Boxing Shoes for Women

Generally, Boxing is considered to be a more aggressive sport that is unfeminine and more related to men. Yet, in spite of the stereotype, boxing has become more popular among women and is no longer seen as only a men’s sport. Many top models…
Yoga Shoes FEATURE

The Best Yoga Shoes to Buy

Yoga is a form of meditation and exercise, that has become very popular among millions of individuals today. Yoga is practiced for its health, physical and mental benefits, and features mainly breathing control, meditation, and specific body positions. In general yoga is practiced barefoot,…
Jazzersize feature

Best Shoes for Jazzercise

A few years ago Zumba was the major craze, but sure enough, many people are migrating back to the well known, over 50 years, Jazzercise. Jazzercise just goes that step further into the whole mixture which is a blend of jazz and exercise…
Kyaking Shoes feature

Best Shoes for Kayaking

When it comes to Kayaking shoes for women there is nothing that is too specific, in general a good water shoe or aqua sock type shoe can do the trick. Most Kayaking safe shoes however, are made from neoprene and should be flexible…
Womens Basketbal feature

The Best Basketball Shoes for Women

Basketball is generally speaking a man’s sport, although women’s basketball, also referred to as netball in the early days, is becoming more popular. Today netball evolved parallel to women’s basketball and has become a well know sport. Short on time? Here’s a summary…

The Best Cross Training Shoes

Cross-training has become a very popular exercise routine among many men and women today. Cross-training entails performing a variety of different exercises to enhance fitness and strength. There are many brands and ranges of cross trainers available each with their own unique characteristics…

Best Zumba Shoes

Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout, used as a form of recreation and exercise by over 15 million people, in more than 180 countries, and known as one of the world’s most popular workouts. Zumba classes offer you a high energy workout…