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Slip Resistant Work Shoes

Slips, Trips, and Falls are one of the highest and most frequent injuries and even death risks not only in the workplace but at home and many other places.

There are more than 15% of deaths related to slips and fall which is almost as much as that of road accidents.

Falling can cause severe injuries, therefore, you should always be careful from slip and trip hazards and take the necessary precautions on slippery and greasy floor surfaces.

Some Common Slip Hazards

Floors that are slippery can cause you to lose your step and fall resulting in an injury or just some painful bruising. Here are a few reasons for slippery floor surfaces;

  • Wet, Oily or Greasy Floors tend to be the most common slip hazardous floors, mall, hospitals, restaurants, kitchens and many other works, and domestic floor surfaces may have wet or oily floors.
  • Dust or powder on floors, usually in carpentry and other woodwork industries, cement factories and construction floor surfaces are all culprits to this slip hazard.
  • Weather conditions such as rain, sleet snow, and ice can cause any floor surface area to become slippery.
  • With outdoor floor surfaces such as porches leaves and particularly pine needles can also create a very slippery floor surface.
  • Freshly waxed or polished floor surfaces tend to be extremely slippery.

Characteristics of a Good Non Slip Work Shoe

Along with the comfort, support, safety, and durability that any good work shoe should have:

  • Oil Resistant – For work areas with slippery floors, you will also need to look out for a work boot or shoe that is not only slip-resistant but also oil resistant.

  • Outsole Tread – The most important part of a slip and oil-resistant shoe is the tread on the outsole. There are many different patterns on the tread anything from a square to a hexagon, the spaces and depth of the patterns on the tread are what is important.

  • Spaces Between Tread Patterns – Deeper and wider spaces between the patterns on the tread are always better because they tend to release moisture along the edges and not trap it on the sole of the shoe.

  • Wear and Tear – Lastly, always remember that the same principles that are important for a car’s tires also relate to the tread on your footwear, make sure the tread on your footwear is not worn out and smooth.

Reviews: Best Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

Here are a few of the most popular brands and models of Slip-Resistant Work Shoes;

If you are looking for the perfect work shoe to run errands and stay on your feet all day, then the Asics Gel Venture is just for you. This is the perfect shoe for a fast-paced work injury with slippery floors.

Top Features:

  • Constructed from a combination of leather, synthetic materials, and breathable mesh.
  • An Ortholite sock liner for more comfort and support.
  • The Gel cushioning absorbs shock and keep your feet comfortable all day long.
  • With the Trusstic construction, the shoe is much more lightweight and will not weigh you down.
  • The outsole on this shoe is constructed from AHAR rubber which is extremely durable as well as slip and oil resistant.

1 Slip Resistant Running Shoe


Asics Gel Venture 6

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes, 5, Black/Island Blue/Pink Glow
26,459 Reviews

The Reebok Work and Cushion 3.0 is a comfortable and sporty looking work shoe that offers exceptional traction and slip resistance on even the slipperiest of floors.

Top Features:

  • The highest quality leather uppers.
  • A sporty and stylish low cut design.
  • The latest DMX Ride technology.
  • The beveled heel construction will enhance your overall walking stride.
  • The rubber outsole is both oil and slip resistant.
  • Available in black and white colors.

2 Slip and Oil Resistant Work Shoe

The Crocs Bistro is a shoe that has been designed specifically for those working in the foodservice industry. This shoe offers slip and oil resistance that is up to industry standard along with some excellent comfort features.

Top Features:

  • A Lock tread outsole that provides excellent traction, slip, and oil resistance and that meets ASTM F1677 standards.
  • An Enclosed design and thicker metatarsal area that aids in protecting the foot from kitchen related spills.
  • The extra dense vamp gives added protection.
  • The famous Crocs footbed massages and cushions the foot with every step that you take.
  • Available in many color options to choose from.

3 Slip Resistant Clog


Skechers Soft Stride

Skechers for Work Men's Soft Stride Galley Sneaker,Black,13 W US
2,278 Reviews

The Skechers for work is comfortable leather shoes that have excellent slip resistance properties to keep you safe and protected in any work environment.

Top Features:

  • Soft and Flexible Leather uppers.
  • Available in black and white with excellent finishing for a fashionable and stylish work shoe.
  • A rugged and durable work shoe that can withstand tough use.
  • Removable PU insoles for added comfort.
  • The slip-resistant rubber outsoles are top of the notch and OHSA compliant.
  • Full lace up panel for an adjustable fit.
  • The tongue and collar are padded, and there is a pull-up tab at the heel for easy on and off.

4 Lace Up Slip Resistant Shoe

Yet another excellent choice in slip resistant work shoe from Skechers, the Sure-Track and Felton. This work shoe is not only comfortable but will keep you firmly on your feet.

Top Features:

  • The insoles are cushioned, removable, and has plush memory foam.
  • The durable outsole is slip resistant.
  • Smooth solid leather uppers that are durable and lightweight.
  • This shoe is also electrical hazard safe as an added bonus.

5 Slip Resistant Black Work Shoe

Fits and feels like the most comfortable running shoe you have ever owned, with the addition of slip resistance and durability.
An ideal shoe to wear to work for comfort and protection against slips and trips.

Top Features:

  • The MoGo midsole returns energy to your feet and provides plush cushioning.
  • Supple and durable full grain leather uppers.
  • This shoe offers strong and comfortable support.
  • The durable outsole offers full and reliable slip resistance.
  • In addition the Addiction offers exceptional arch support for a lower arch

6 Slip Resistant Walking Shoes for Work

The Runtronic and Workshift from Fila is an athletic style shoe that is perfect for work purposes.

Features superior traction and slip-resistant qualities, all along with a comfortable footbed and Coolmax fibers to keep you dry and fresh.

Top Features:

  • Uppers are made from leather and synthetic mesh for comfort and breathability.
  • The solid rubber outsole offers excellent traction capabilities along with ASTM rated slip resistance standards.
  • The Workshift features a protective steel toe.
  • The COOLMAX fiber technology keeps you dry and comfortable all day, while the memory foam sock liner, and midsole with the cushioned heel, provide extraordinary support.

7 Slip Resistant Athletic Work Shoe

The Alegria Keli and Chairman is a professional clog style shoe that is on the slimmer side, and much more lightweight for long days on your feet.

Top Features:

  • Manufactured from genuine leather that is stain resistant and lightweight.
  • The elastic at the instep on the Keli allows for easy on and off.
  • A removable memory foam, cork, and polyurethane loaded footbed for supportive comfort and cushioning.
  • The durable rubber outsole offers only the best in slip resistance.

8 Slip Resistant Professional Work Shoes

Slips and falls are a thing of the past. With this stunning selection of slip and oil resistant work shoes, there is no more worrying about slippery floor surfaces.

The selected shoes also feature many other comfort and durability characteristics that make them fantastic work shoes for all-day wear.

Index Table: Top-Rated Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

No. Shoe Men Women Brand Rating
1 Asics - Slip Resistant Running Shoe
Gel Venture 6
Gel Venture 6
Asics 90
2 Reebok - Slip and Oil Resistant Work Shoe
Work n Cushion 3.0
Work n Cushion 3.0
Reebok 90
3 Crocs - Slip Resistant Clog
Crocs 90
4 Skechers - Lace Up Slip Resistant Shoe
Soft Stride
Soft Stride
Skechers 86
5 Skechers - Slip Resistant Black Work Shoe
Sure Track Trickel
Skechers 90
6 Brooks - Slip Resistant Walking Shoes for Work
Brooks 90
7 Fila - Slip Resistant Athletic Work Shoe
Memory Workshift
Memory Runtronic
Fila 90
8 Alegria - Slip Resistant Professional Work Shoes
Chairman Professional
Keli Professional
Alegria 90

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